Smart Fix is the new generation of IT Solutions which provides countless services for:
      • Websites
      • Online Marketing
      • Retail
      • Repair
      • Networking
The World Wide Web at this time is growing at an extremely rapid rate and we believe everybody needs to distinguish their presence on it. All companies are moving towards online methods to spread their business, such as: social medias, online shopping, online banking, and many other forms of online marketing. A Physical presence is no longer needed for a business to be successful and is becoming limited in most of the service industries. Therefore the demand for building a strong and viable online presence is significant.
Technology is moving fast, and you need to act faster in order to stay on top of the game. At smart fix we provide the knowledge and expertise needed to get your company ahead of the curb. The size of your business is no longer a relevant factor to becoming a contender in the market. The creation of the Internet has leveled the playing field for small businesses to compete in this environment. We have many web solutions, which can help the presence of your business online. We specialize in web design, online marketing, app creation, video marketing, logo design, and much more. At Smart Fix we strive to make your online business a reality.
At Smart Fix we also offer services for computer and phone repair, for both businesses and personal use. For businesses we provide IT consulting, and Maintain store networks, POS Systems, and security camera installation. We are always one call away for getting your business back on track in a fast and timely manner. We also repair personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphone devices. We work on both hardware and software problems on devices and provide services such as: screen replacement, water damage, virus removal, hardware installation, enabling phones, and many other issues.