Web Design

     In today’s technology dominated world, having the right website is the key for impressing your client. At SmartFix, our team of web designers know how important it is to not only to create a website, but rather create an experience for your clients to enjoy. Therefore, we attempt to optimize the characteristics which appeal most to both you and your clients such as content, graphics, maneuverability, and overall look of the website.


Search Engine Optimization

     The amount of websites on the Internet are increasing exponentially, therefore it is important for your website to stand out of the crowd. With our web optimization program at SmartFix, we can offer the push your business needs to thrive, by allowing clients to find you first.
     We will improve your business’s rank in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. Local business listing will help define your business title on the Internet. We then populate those listings via links and citations allowing your business to

become more prevalent on the Internet. This will bring a large flow of new customers to your business, increasing the presence of your business name.
     Having a dynamic website will says that your business is alive and thriving. Through rating systems and reviews, you will be able to get customer feedback to enhance your business, and interact with your customers. Using blogs, videos, photos, and social media, your business’s popularity will increase, along with your customer’s satisfaction.



App Development

     Smart-phones are becoming part of our daily lives because of the accessibility of mobile apps. It is no longer enough just to have a website, for a business to be taken seriously it must also have an application which allows clients to use your company as a quick access utility. Having a mobile application will reinforce your brand by increasing the visibility and accessibility of your business.
     Having a mobile application will have benefits for both your clients and employees. This will enhance the exposure of your business through social networking sites. It will also increase the efficiency in the workplace by allowing access to inventory, services and products. Notify your customers about promotions, sales or the status of a service through alerts on mobile devices. Provide directions to your business on the go with your mobile app. Customize your app in order to suit your daily needs with features such as push to call or email. With mobile apps the possibilities are endless.

     Smart FIX develops mobile applications on all major platforms for mobile devices such as Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Please contact us for more info regarding your future mobile apps.



Video Advertisement



     Stay on the cutting edge of the marketing world with video advertising. Sometimes ideas are better expressed through video than words. At SmartFix we will design a video customized for your needs which will stand out of the crowd. Through social media it is becoming easier for your company to go viral through video advertisement. We provide original content to make your video unique. Having a video linked with your business helps the searchability of your business.



     The first thing a customer sees when looking at your company is the logo. A well-designed logo helps distinguish your company from the rest of the competition. Having a unique logo increases your brand recognition and enhances your brand identity. A well-made logo also structures the character of your business, by communicating something about your company. At Smart Fix we will design a unique logo for you that best conveys your business.



     Advertise your business wherever you go with a customized business card. A business card shows that your company is credible and allows you to get the word out about your services. Business cards leave a great first impression to potential clients. When designing a business card everything is customizable from the type of card to the layout, in order to make your card stand out from your competitors.
     Flyers are a very inexpensive and simple way to advertise to large groups of people compared to other methods of advertising.

       They are easy to produce and distribute to potential clients. We can customize your card to be simple and get the message across to your clientele.



Banners and Signs

     We provide both banners for outdoor advertising as well as online.Banners are hard to miss, giving your company an advertising edge just by being more visible than your competition. Outdoor banners allow your business to be easily seen for pedestrians and drivers, while online banners are put on websites to advertise. Online banners bring customers one click closer from visiting your website. Both provide advertising to a vast amount of people allowing your business to increase its client base.