Fix your slow running laptop in Las Vegas

11 - 2013

Before purchasing a laptop, always do your homework. Make sure that the laptop you are about to purchase has the capabilities required for your daily use. Note that looks are not everything when it comes to buying a computer. Whenever looking at a computer it is imperative to look at the specifications, and make sure they meet your needs. In order to have a laptop with decent performance it is important to focus on the following specifications:

CPU type AMD or Intel and the amount of cores it runs (we recommend intel i3-i7 processors)
Memory or RAM (good amount is 4GB-6GB, also be aware of the speed of the RAM)
Hard disk type and size (IDE, SATA or SSD)
If you are into gaming, Graphic Cards are a high priority
Other specifications to look for:
motherboard firmware
cooling system specifications

A CPU dictates how many things your computer can do at one time and how fast it can do it. The CPU is the most vital component of your computer because most of the time it cannot be changed or upgraded. When looking at the specifications for a CPU they often state, the amount of cores hand the speed. Cores dictate how many applications you can run at the same time. The speed is often provided ing Ghz, which is basically how fast the clock on the computer can churn out information. Ideally you want your computer to have around 2.4 Ghz or more. If your computer has less cores you want a higher speed. If you have many cores you can bring down the speed.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, Its main job is to store the information you are currently using so you can access them faster. The higher this is the more applications your computer can handle. This is very important for increasing the speed of your laptop. This component can be easily upgraded after purchase. If your computer seems to be running slow bring it in to Smart Fix Las Vegas, to see if your computer requires more RAM.

Hard Drive
There are three types of commonly used hard drives: IDE, SATA, and SSDs.
IDEs are the oldest hard drives available and typically have very low read an write speeds. They are also larger then the other hard drives and are typically used for desktop computers, but are becoming more and more obsolete.
SATA hard drives are the most commonly used hard drive. They still use a series of disks and needles so they can be more easily damaged then our next option, but are typically very well balanced hard drives. They come at an affordable price range and have all types of sizes. SATA hard Drives have a medium range read and write speed which is usually fine for the typical users. These are typically used for both PC’s and Laptops.
SSDs are the fastest hard drives available in the market today. They use flash memory, so they are completely silent during operation because they do not read an write on to disks. They have phenomenal read and write speeds. The only problem with these hard drives is the price range. SSDs usually have a low amount of space in them because the cost per GB is around $1-$2. These means that for a 500 GB hard drive it can easily cost you anywhere from $500- $1000 dollars. So if speed is what you need this is the hard drive for you.

If you laptop is running slow it comes down to either a hardware or software issue. As we explained the hardware parts can be improved by increasing the Ram size, changing hard drive to SSD or in some cases with replacing the CPU and cleaning the fan and replacing the thermal component may help as well. Of course upgrading your hardware can get a bit pricy depending on how fast you want your computer to go.
Ideally the best thing to do is buy a computer that has good specifications, and to then maintain the software during use. It is important to manage your hard disk space, keep your registry clean, remove temporary files, defragment the hard drive, clean up your cookies, and cleaning your start ups section can be done on regular bases to unsure your computer runs at its fullest potential.

If your system is running slow, you can easily bring it down to SmartFix to get your laptop diagnosed; our tune up service is designed to bring back the maximum performance of your laptop. We will make sure your laptop is fixed and you will have an enjoyable time surfing the net.

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