How To Fix iPad 2?

27 - 2013

iPad @ Repair Service In Las Vegas

iPad 2 Repair 

SmartFix provides expert repair services since 2008, specializing in iPad repair, iPod repair and iPhone Repair. All of our specialists are qualified and with experience of over a decade repairing a variety of Apple products, we use only OEM parts with the highest quality materials professional equipment and the most important quality service without compromise, while ensuring the international standards off all apple products.

What can be fixed in iPad 2?

  • iPad 2 Touch Screen Replacement

The iPad 2 Touch Display Screen is significantly thinner than the previous device, what making it more fragile, and it also called digitizer. So if you broke the glass on your iPad 2 and need it to be replaced be sure we can do it.


  • iPad 2 Display LCD Replacement

The bottom screen layer that provides the display itself and it can be replaced as an independent unit. So if the image on your ipad 2 doesn’t show at all or you have a white screen or dead pixels it looks like you need to replace your LCD.

  • iPad 2 Battery Replacement

The IPad 2 contains batteries that take up most of the space of the device, often break down due to not original charger use or water damage.

  • Repair audio problems on the iPad 2

From time to time moisture or hard drop on the floor or not taking out your headphones out properly might cause your speakers or audio jack not work.


  • Replacement and repair buttons on the iPad 2

Home button, power button, volume button or vibration button may break or stop functioning and they can be replaced.


  • How long the device remains in the Lab repairs?

Most of the iPad 2 repairs are made within an hour and a half to two hours (except for water damage, corrosion or complex problems that require advanced diagnostics, in case of water damage and corrosion you should bring your device as soon as possible, do not turn it on and do not try to connect it to electricity.


  • Replace Rear back on iPad 2

The aluminum housing of the device may potentially bend from a fall, and it can be replaced to maintain the price of the iPad and preserve its appearance.

  • Are the iPad 2 replacement parts available in stock?

Most of the parts are in stock and available for immediate repair.

  • What is your Warranty on all repairs?

Any repair gets a warranty on parts replacement for 90 days.


  • How can you protect the iPad better?

To prevent malfunctions on your device like broken glass and digitizer, motherboard shortcuts, cracks, etc. you should keep the iPad in a protective case with a good quality screen protector. As well it’s desirable to discharge once a month the battery completely to maintain the full capacity of the battery and to use only with Original Apple chargers that contains circuit protection voltage.


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