iPhone 4 Battery Repair

2 - 2013

iPhone 4 Battery Repair Your iPhone battery runs out quickly? Do not hold enough standby time as the iPhone was new??? ….. Well we know the phenomenon.

In this article we will review the concern for the:

IPhone battery quickly finished even after long charging.

In all Apple iPhones from the first models like the 2gen iPhone to the latest one the iPhone 5, Apple used the ION Lithium batteries.  And we can feel the improvement in the battery life sins than such as the talk time duration has been increased and the waiting time also been increased.

After a period of a year or more the iPhone battery starts to lose from its power (depends on the use of course). Like any other lithium batteries the iPhone battery has a certain life length and after a while the talk time, the standby time and your internet browsing time is not good as use to be and it’s just starting to lose from its power very quickly and doesn’t hold the charge any more, than it’s about time to replace your battery on your iPhone 4.  It’s not a very complicated procedure to replace your iPhone 4 Battery but it’s still required a professional skills to replace it as if you do it yourself you might damage some other parts on your phone like the motherboard, that will be involved in a much higher cost repair or in some cases will make a break from your phone and it will be unfixable. There is to many cheap versions of Apple iPhone batteries but keep in mind that the might damage your phone completely or even interfere with your health as they made from special chemicals,  We use ONLY original Apple Replacement batteries and we do not recommend you to use any different replacement type. For more questions about this service please give us a call at: 702-8754050 and we will do our best to help you.