iPhone 4 Charging Port Repair

2 - 2013

iPhone 4 Charging Port RepairDuring the use of our device the iPhone 4 get accidental hits and shocks sometimes and those hits might reflect on the internal parts malfunctions like the charging port. Another reason can be that the charging port stopped working is that there is too many unauthorized Apple chargers in the market that can mess up the charging dock and a lot of people use them without even knowing that they charging there phone with some low quality charger.

So if you experience the following problems:

iPhone 4 wont charge

iPhone 4 Charging port broken

iPhone 4 Reboots when you connect it to the charger

iPhone 4 charge stops after you connect it to other device

iPhone 4 dirt and dust inside the charging port

Its means that you need to replace the iPhone 4 Lowed dock flex cable. As the name maybe sound complicate the actual repair usually takes about 30 min. The good thing is that the iPhone 4 Lower dock is the most popular charging port (30 pin charging port) the same port that been used on iPhone 2g, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod 1,2,3,4gen and many more devices. It’s very important not to make the same mistake twice, if you charged your iPhone 4 with a non-original charging cable make sure that the lab that install the lower dock cable for you has the Original Apple charging port. We at Smartfix use only the highest quality part that comes with a 90 days warranty.

We also recommend before you come to repair your charging port on your iPhone at our iPhone repair shop you can also try to take a small tooth brush (make sure it’s not wet)   and try slightly to brush the charging port from dust and dirt it might save you some money for a repair. After doing so it might resolve you’re charging issue on your phone but if the issue is coming back and the phone stopping to charge than the charging port need to be replaced and you have to replace it.