iPhone 4 Color Conversion Kit

2 - 2013

iPhone 4 Color Conversion Kit Have you heard the rumor? IPhone color kits available at Smartfix and we can change your iPhone to a different color now. The IPhone 4 gets more fashionable today and now it comes in a variety of colors: Pink, Red, Baby Blue, Gold, Silver, Transparent and many more..

Did you broke your iPhone 4 or just tired of the boring black or white well this is your chance to swap the color on your iPhone.  The color conversion kit comes in 2 pieces, the front iPhone 4 glass and LCD factory attached together and the rear iPhone 4 back Glass.

Who said that iPhones need to be only in Black or white? Surprise your friends and be the one to stand out from the crowd, with a unique and a different iPhone than others.  The color conversion repair takes about 1 hour for the installation and we have most of the colors in stock all the time. You can also combine different colors together, for example you can install Pink iPhone front glass with a white home button and a baby blue back glass. So be creative and don’t afraid to step out of the box, we here to make your wish to come true. Did you always wanted green iPhone? Red? Or maybe yellow? Today it is possible .We carry replacement screen and back covers for your iPhone to a color you like. All you have to do is choose your favorite color. Like your favorite team colors for example and we will install it. Replacement includes: Front screen, rear cover and home button installation.  Just to make it clear this is not a sticker and we do not paint your iPhone 4, the parts we will install on your phone are axially in different colors variations.