iPhone 4 Home Button Repair

2 - 2013

iPhone Home ButtonThe iPhone 4 Home button is the button that has the most wear. Its happens a lot that after a year or more on the iPhone the home button star to be not responsive as use to be or its just sinking inside the phone and it’s not possible to use it at all especially when it’s the most important button on the phone that controls the hole iPhone menu. There is to reasons for that happening you might have just a little bit dust inside that need to be cleaned or your iPhone 4 Home Button flex cable the cable under the button that you cannot see and responsible for the home button data transmit need to be replaced. In order for us to repair the home button on the iPhone 4 we will need to take apart almost the whole phone including the iPhone front glass and LCD after we do so we will replace the iPhone 4 home button flex cable and clean all the components around it from dirt and dust. This type of repair requires a professional iPhone technician skills and it’s usually done within 40min to 1 hour. So if you stuck in Las Vegas and your home button on your iPhone is stuck to don’t waste your time and just visit our iPhone repair shop to fix it quickly and professionally. Buy the way for an extra of just $10 we can even change and install you the home button itself in any other colors like red, pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, gold or silver. It’s important also to use only original iPhone replacement parts in this repair as the not original ones might cause a shortcut on your phone and destroy your phone completely what will be a result of a much higher cost repairs.