IPhone 4 Power Button Repair Service

2 - 2013

This is probably one of the most annoying issues you can have on your iPhone, you just finished a conversation but you cannot turn of your screen after and it’s draining your battery 5 times faster.

Well the solution is easy in most of the iPhone 4 power button repairs there is only one thing to do and its replacing the iPhone 4 power flex cable that located under the power button itself and cleaning all the components from dirt and dust. It’s not an easy repair as it requires taking a part the smallest components on your phone and putting them back together but be sure that after we done fixing your phone 4 the power button will be just as it was as new. It’s a common problem on most of the iPhones models and it’s usually occurring due to a wear on the cable that connects the button itself. This service will replace your home broken power switch, if you did this repair before and your proximity sensor stop working we can insure you it will not happen with us, this service will not affect your proximity sensor and this is the main reason you should do this type of repairs in a professional iPhone repair lab. We have the most advanced tools, original Apple parts and the most advanced knowledge in fixing iPhones.