Apple iPhone 4 Repairs in Las Vegas

iPhone 4 Repair Prices

iPhone 4 is a couple of generations old, but it’s still a great iPhone to own. In fact the iPhone 4 outsold all phones except for the iPhone 5 in the 4th quarter 2012. The design is quite similar to iPhone 4S.

Many casual observers would not be able to tell the difference between the 4, 4S and the 5. On the inside, the iPhone 4 has many different parts, like a different different digitizer and LCD.

SmartFix has been fixing iPhones for over 2 years now.  The most popular iPhone 4 repairs are:

  • Cracked Glass
  • Broken Digitizer
  • Broken Rear Glass
  • Water Damage
  • Phone Not Charging

iPhone 4 Color Conversation Kits

Getting a conversion kit while your iPhone is being repaired is a great idea.  Popular colors are red, pink, and green, blue, yellow and more customize designs like leopard print or zebra print are available as well.

Water Damaged iPhone?

Because we are located in Las Vegas, the pool party’s home,especial during summer we receive a large volume of water damage iPhones. We have a 75% rate of success in fixing your water damaged iPhone performing a careful tear-down and a chemicals bath + brushing and replacing the battery. There are times which we need to replace other parts to make the iPhone 100 percent functional. Our SmartFix location on Spring Mountain is just 5 min away from Las Vegas Blvd. we are really close to major resort like Wynn or Venetian Hotel or major shopping malls like Fashion Show or Forum shops. If you are visiting Vegas and got your phone or iPhone wet, you can visit our shop and let us to repair your water damaged iPhone.

Recharge Your iPhone with a New Battery

If you have your iPhone 4 for a while and if your iPhone cannot hold the charge as before we suggest bringing you iPhone to SmartFix and we will replace your battery. This will take only 5 minutes of your time but with a new battery your iPhone can hold to the charge for a longer time.

Home Button

Home button is another part that you might need to get it fix if you are using your iPhone for quite a while and the entire repair can be done within 30 minutes and your home button will be again responsive as you won’t need to press it hard and get frustrated again.

iPhone 4 Backup Help

There are customers who have problem with getting back up of their data like contacts, pictures or text messages. If you are one of those, you can bring in your iPhone 4 and let us to help you to back up your data to your laptop or iCloud. This will be really helpful in case you loose your iPhone or for any reason we can’t fix your iPhone and you need to get another iPhone.

SmartFix is here to help you with all your problems regarding your iPhone or any other device you have. Please call us on 702-875-4050 or 702-979-9400 or visit any of our locations on 3355 Spring mountain Rd #9 Las Vegas NV 89102 or 8221 W Charleston #107 Las Vegas NV 89117.

You do not need to get an appointment.

iPhone 3gs

We have customers that are still loyal to their iPhone 3GS and, from time to time they are bringing their iPhone 3GS to SmartFix to get their glass or digitizer replaced or, in long time they might have problem with their LCD thus needing to replace the LCD also. Home button can go bad on iPhone 3GS as well as the battery or charging port.

The housing and frame of iPhone 3GS are getting damaged with time also, so in order to keep the integrity and well functioning of the iPhone we can replace this one also.Not changing the housing on time might lead to other internal damages on different parts!

iPhone 3GS can be a good backup device for those times that you might have problem with you main device or you can get these factory unlock and have it handy for your overseas trips.

Two SmartFix Las Vegas Locations

3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9 Las Vegas NV 89102
Phone: 702-875-4050
Close to the strip, 5 minutes away from Wynn Hotel and Fashion Show Mall.

8221 W Charleston #107 Las Vegas NV 89117
Phone: 702-979-9400
Conveniently located in the center of Summerlin, just a block away from Boca Park.

SmartFix repairs Apple iPhone 4 in all Las Vegas areas, including Henderson, North Las Vegas, South West Las Vegas and Summerlin. Zip Codes include: 89102, 89103, 89146, 89117, 89101, 89109, 89104, 89119, 89128, 89105, 89108.