Apple iPhone 4S Repairs in Las Vegas

iPhone 4S Repairs Prices

Apple iPhone 4s Repairs

  • Front Glass – Grade A
  • $85
  • Front Glass – Grade B
  • $65
  • Back Glass
  • $35
  • Battery
  • $40
  • Home Button
  • $60
  • Power Button
  • $65
  • Lower Flex
  • $65
  • Earpiece
  • $60
  • Proximity Sensor
  • $75
  • Camera
  • $55
  • Water Damage
  • $90
  • Gevey Chip
  • $50
  • AT&T Factory Unlock
  • $25
  • Jailbreak
  • $25
  • Color Kit
  • $95
  • Mirror Kit
  • $120
  • Luxury Kit
  • $200
  • Prices subject to change, call to verify pricing
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With over 3,500 iPhones repaired, SmartFix is THE place to get yours fixed. You love your iPhone 4s, don’t let just anyone work on it. Take it to the experts and get it fixed right.

Digitizer or Touch Screen Repairs

If you drop you iPhone 4S and break the front glass, don’t worry! Just bring it to SmartFix for repair. Replacing the digitizer on iPhone 4S might take within 30 min. We use the best quality parts and we can guarantee you your iPhone will look brand new.

Back Glass Replacements

If you broke you back glass on iPhone 4S (or the battery cover), please bring it in to SmartFix for a fast repair.

Color Kit Conversation

SmartFix offers a wide range of color kits conversations, the most popular colors on iPhone 4S being red, pink, green, blue, yellow as well as exotic colors like leopard print or camouflage. Please stop by SmartFix locations either on Spring Mountain and Polaris location or Charleston and Cimarron location to take a look at our collection.

Home Button Fix

Whenever the home button is not responding or you need to click harder than before to get a response means you need to bring it to the SmartFix to get the home button flex cable replaced. This procedure will take around 30min.

Charging Port

If you connect your device to a well working charger or to your computer via a USB cable and the iPhone is not charging one of the issue might be the charging port. Charging port is the connection between the power source and the motherboard and battery.

Battery Replacements

Batteries have a limited life time so you’ll need to replace it every couple of years depending on the usage.

Proximity Sensor

What it does is actually turning the screen off while a call is active so your ear won’t press any buttons on the screen by accident

Power Button

Due to the usage and sometime dropping the phone, the power button or the flex cable needs to be replaced. If you feel your power button is stucked, not clicking or just not responding you need to bring it in to SmartFix for a quick fix.

Water Damage

If you had your iPhone 4S soaked in the water, do not try to turn it on and keep in mind that placing it in a bag of rice for few days it will just take the moisture out, NOT clean your motherboard from rust and corrosion!. The best thing is just bring it in to SmartFix and let us to disassemble the iPhone wash all the part and components and remove all the residue, replace the battery and when is completely dry we will turn it on. The chance to make iPhone 4S start working is really high. There are times that water damages lcd or other pat or the phone which we can replace those as well but if the water causes any problem on the motherboard like communication chips basically we call it a day and that is the time you think about a new iPhone 4S.

Disabled iPhone 4s

For any reason your iPhone does not run on or it stuck in the apple logo you might have a problem with the software. You can bring it in to SmartFix and we will re-install your iOS. Please remember, always get a backup of your data when you bring a phone in for repair, in some cases we cannot save your data so it will be lost.

If for any reason decided to take your iPhone 4S to any other repair shops please make sure they put all the screws back in your iPhone 4S and in the right place after the repair. Make sure all the stickers are saved and back in the iPhone, make sure if they do any replacement the glass of the camera ring and earpiece mesh grill is in place. Always check their warranties and make sure your iPhone has reception.

Two SmartFix Las Vegas Locations

3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9 Las Vegas NV 89102
Phone: 702-875-4050
Close to the strip, 5 minutes away from Wynn Hotel and Fashion Show Mall.

8221 W Charleston #107 Las Vegas NV 89117
Phone: 702-979-9400
Conveniently located in the center of Summerlin, just a block away from Boca Park.

SmartFix repairs Apple iPhone 4S in all Las Vegas areas, including Henderson, North Las Vegas, South West Las Vegas and Summerlin. Zip Codes include: 89102, 89103, 89146, 89117, 89101, 89109, 89104, 89119, 89128, 89105, 89108.