iPhone Proximity Sensor Repair

6 - 2013

iPhone Proximity Sensor Repair/Replacement Prices

Repair Time: 40 minutes – We only use original Apple proximity sensors as replacements.
  • iPhone 4S Proximity Sensor: $75
  • iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor: $75
  • iPhone 3G & 3GS Proximity Sensor: $45

“My iPhone 4 screen display doesn’t turn off when I put it to my ear” is a statement we often hear from our customers. The problem is a very known issue that usually occurs after a customer tries to replace the iPhone 4 screen on their own. Usually with low quality screens that have been saturating the market. We at SmartFix have the tools and the knowledge to repair this issue. In some cases the problem could also come from a hard hit on the iPhone’s screen.

The proximity sensor is responsible for having the lcd screen turn on and turn off when the iPhone is moved close to your head. This sensor is located inside the phone and not on the screen, it’s attached to a flex cable. Sometimes this requires a special adjustment or sometimes a replacement of the part. Proximity sensor repair time is approximately 40 minutes. We only use original Apple proximity sensors when replacing a broken one.