Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation Repairs in Las Vegas

iPod Touch 4th Gen Repairs

iPod Touch 4th Generation Repair

  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • $80
  • Battery Replacement
  • $90
  • Headphone Audio Jack
  • $90
  • Power Flex
  • $95
  • Jailbreak
  • $20
  • Disabled iPod
  • $40
  • Subject to change, call to verify pricing

The iPod touch 4th. generation was unveiled in September 2010 and was by far on of the most popular portable music and video players models in the market in the last couple of years. It has 2 cameras, one in the front for Facetime and a second camera on the back. It has a high resolution , same as iPhone 4′s retina display and Apple’s A4 processor, which makes it the faster music player in the world.

Because of its slick design the iPod 4 is a very fragile device and any small bump on the floor can break the front glass. We saw at Smartfix many broken glasses on the iPod 4th generation and the major problem sometimes is that not just the glass need to be replaced also the metal frame and the housing around it has to be replaced as the metal around it is very thin and it’s bending easily.

iPod Touch Screen Replacement

Because of the retina display on the iPod 4th generation the glass cannot be replaced by itself as it comes attached with the LCD together as one part which makes the glass replacement a little bit more expensive than the previous versions of the iPod touch.

Battery Replacement

The battery is a lithium polymer battery and after a while of intensive use it has to be replaced also. It’s not an easy job to replace the battery on the iPod 4th. generation as it requires removing the screen without damaging any internal parts as the motherboard and the Wi-Fi cable.

iPod Touch Audio Jack Not Working

Audio jack it’s also a place for a lot of troubles as in some cases the earphones plugs get stuck or brake inside the audio port and damaging the audio jack completely. In this case the audio port flex cable (internal cable with a new audio jack) need to be replaced.

Charging Port Repair

The iPod touch has a 30 pins connection charging port that is soldered directly to the charging port, unfortunately if yours got damaged it is unfixable as there is no replacement part available since it’s connected directly to the motherboard.

Liquid Damage Repair on iPod Touch

Did you jump in the pool or dropped your iPod in the toilet? Make sure first to turn off your device immediately after you pulled it out of the water, Do NOT connect it to any charging device and don’t try restarting it. Dry it up carefully with a cool air hair blower (only cool air as hot air might damage or melt internal parts) and bring it as fast as possible to our repair shop to fix the water damage. The longer you will wait the smaller the chances are to fix your device as the water will create corrosion and rust on your device and will destroy the motherboard completely. We have 75% success rate in fixing water damage on the iPod Touch 4 generation.

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