Las Vegas Laptop LCD Replacement Repairs

11 - 2013

At SmartFix Las Vegas we receive a large number of Broken LCDs on laptops every month. The most typical reason for the monitor breaking is from accidental damage, but we have also received cases where the LCD has been damaged due to natural use. LCD screens often break in one of two ways, either the display is physically cracked or the mechanism that lights the display is damaged.

We have heard every story imaginable for ways people have broken their computer screens. Most cases people leave their laptop on or near the bed, and it either falls off or gets stepped on. We’ve had stories where people have sat on their laptops mistakenly, or even had their kids dance on top of it. Then there are also those times when people have the urge to throw it up against the wall because of an unpleasant message. We have heard and seen it all.

Every laptop is different, even computers with the same model can use different LCD screens. That is why we don’t quote the price of the repair over the phone for LCD replacements. If you do happen to break your laptop we suggest you visit one of our two SmartFix locations on the Las Vegas Strip ( 3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9 Las Vegas Nevada 89102 ) or Summerlin ( 8221 W Charleston Las Vegas Nevada 89117 ). Our technician will be able to find the exact model number of your LCD and give you an estimate of the cost. We can then place the order for your LCD scree. We at SmartFix do not put an extra charge on the cost of the LCD screen, so in the end you will only be paying for the service and the part. This is how we maintain the best prices in town for screen repalcement. Usually the order takes around 3-5 business days to receive the LCD screen. After the part is brought into our store we replace the screen the someday, to get the laptop back to you as fast as possible

We also repair Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros with broken LCD screens. MacBooks tend to cost a little more than PC laptops because the quality of screens are usually higher end. We also order the plastic frame around the screen which is the same as the orignal, since after removal the frame becomes damaged. This allows us to ensure the quality of our services.

Laptop Care
We recommend always placing your laptop on a flat surface such as a desk, or table. This will stop the computer from overheating, trapping dust, and prevent your computer from being stepped on or falling. It is also a good idea to keep the laptop in a case when not in use or traveling.
If a problem does occur rest assure that we at SmartFix Las Vegas are here to help with your broken LCD screen.
Henderson! don’t feel excluded, we love you as much as North Las Vegas but currently we don’t have a location in Henderson area but we will soon. In the mean time you can visit either our SpringMountain Location next to the strip in Las Vegas or our Summerlin location in North Las Vegas.