DC jack replacement on a laptop

11 - 2013

One of the most common problem areas for laptops in Las Vegas is the DC Jack, usually due to the construction on laptops. Most of the time we face either face physically broken DC Jacks, or issues with using the wrong power sources which can destory the Jack and potentially the motherboard of the computer. Symptoms for a broken jack are the following: laptop is not turning on, you have to keep the charging cable at a special angle to keep it charging, the DC Jack is completely broken, or it shifts inside the case.

The reasons for a broken DC Jack may vary, but our technicians at SmartFix are trained to deal with this issue.
We’ve seen and repaired broken DC jack on HP Laptops, Gateway laptop, Sony Laptops, Dell Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, Compaq Laptops, and IBM Laptops.

One common reason for the DC Jack to break is poor construction. DC jacks are typically soldered directly on the motherboard, if the owner moves the Laptop around while charging, it can damage the connection between the cable and the DC Jack.

We recommend keeping your computer on a solid surface when charing your laptop, and stop from moving the laptop it around when the charger is connected. Always be gentle with the way you plug in the power cable to the laptop.

Usually replacing the DC Jack takes a few hour depending on the type of the laptop and accessibility of that certain DC jack. We at Smart FIX have common DC jack parts in stock and usually take a day to service or replace the DC jack on your Laptop. However if we do not have it in stock we can always order the part and perform the service as soon as we receive the part.

We recommend stopping by SmartFix either in the Las Vegas area near the strip (3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9) or our Summerlin location (8221 W Charleston), where one of our technicians can diagnose your problem and provide you with info regarding the issue. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 702-875-4050 and talk to one of our Technicians.