Apple MacBook Repairs in Las Vegas

MacBook Repair Prices

  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • $TBD
  • Battery Replacement
  • $TBD
  • Headphone Audio Jack
  • $TBD
  • Subject to change, call to verify pricing

The MacBook, a classic laptop.

In this era of technology, speed and practicability, people are having big expectations from their devices, being a laptop, a smartphone or a kitchen robot, these “gadgets” thus being required to perform at their best and cover not only simple tasks, but also intricate ones. The demanding for these devices has increased over the past years as the technology became more affordable and every household has now its fair share of it.

So, at some point, it was the time for someone to step up and raise the bar in terms of performance, affordability and design, so Mac Book laptop series has been launched, gaining the ovation, pride and respect of millions of user around the world. The laptop was to be not just a simple tool, from time to time not so practical, usually too heavy to carry it around and, in most of the cases, ugly! The laptop had to be something that people would love to own, would be really light and portable and designed to draw admiration just as a piece of art!

Mac Book series laptop was (and still is these days), at the time of launching the standard to be followed.The creative visions of Sir Jonathan Ivy, the future of eye catching, beautiful looking devices set the standards for the future. But, like all the gadgets in the world, they’re prone to failures.

MacBook Repairs

Hard Disk, CD/DVD unit, RAM or even the motherboard might run faulty at some point.Add to this the mishandling, water damages or kids and pets around and you’ll see the whole picture. Fortunate, there are little things that cannot be fixed in a laptop, after all that’s why experienced technicians are still making a living out of the laptops repairs.The Mac Book series it’s known to be one of the most beautiful to date, yet the most difficult to repair, due to its incapsulated, unibody aluminum design.
One without extensive knowledges should not try to engage in a laptop fix by himself, these delicate operation requiring a high grade of attention and informations about the device!

So, if your Mac Book is not responding, do not despair!The chances are we can repair it!After years of usage, your Mac Book might become slow and in this case all it will need for a throughout cleaning!Also, replacing the RAM memory can bring back the life in it!

LCD cracked?We can fix this one also!
To keep the pace with nowadays amazing , but very demanding softwares, you will need to upgrade the OS on your Mac Book laptop from time to time!
Software errors might appear from time to time like the grey screen of death or the folder screen, in this case you’ll need a fresh install of your OS.
So, before trashing your Mac Book consider visiting the SmartFix team for a friendly tip an advice or a repair!

Two SmartFix Las Vegas Locations

3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9 Las Vegas NV 89102

Phone: 702-875-4050
Close to the strip, 5 minutes away from Wynn Hotel and Fashion Show Mall.

8221 W Charleston #107 Las Vegas NV 89117

Phone: 702-979-9400
Conveniently located in the center of Summerlin, just a block away from Boca Park.

SmartFix repairs the Apple MacBook in all Las Vegas areas, including Henderson, North Las Vegas, South West Las Vegas and Summerlin. Zip Codes include: 89102, 89103, 89146, 89117, 89101, 89109, 89104, 89119, 89128, 89105, 89108.