Malware, Virus, Spyware Removal in Las Vegas

8 - 2013

A common misconception when talking about computer problems is the use of the words Malware and Virus. Malware is the general term when talking about any program that can damage your computer such as viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware. A virus on the other hand is a type of malware which copies itself onto your PC, and then spreads to other computers that are connected.  In Las Vegas, Smart Fix specializes in removing viruses.

Malware is a program that installs on a users computer system usually without your knowledge of the occurance. They can infect your computer in many ways, usually through popup messages from internet browser, emails, or contaminated removable storage devices ie. USBs, External Hard Drives. Commonly they can come through, a number of file forms. The most notable forms are EXE, COM, or BAT files. More advanced viruses can start out as a  PDF, JPG, or PPS file, but later change to an EXE, COM or BAT file when the file is downloaded onto your computer. The main issue with malware is that they use a large amount of your computers resources such as hard drive space, bandwidth, and RAM and often take information that that is located on your computer and transfer it to another location through spyware.

Viruses use different aproaches to disguise themselves from users the most common are Trojans, backdoor viruses, and rootkits:


A Trojan is a malicious software in hiding. Their main objective is to get the user to think that the software is safe to use, by hiding it in a program. Trojans entice users to click on them by pretending to be other software such as a virus removal software, or popup. Trojans can be even bundled with software that is not malicious at all. Once a Trojan is clicked on it can run its course infecting the hardware on your computer.

Backdoor viruses

A Backdoor virus attempts to bypass the way your computer authenticates your programs. Backdoors create an entry way for malicious software to attack your computer. They open the flood gates, by allowing easy entry and installation for viruses and malware. With backdoor viruses hackers maybe able to control your computer remotely and steal your valuable information.


After a virus is installed to your computer they often install a rootkit which alters the computers host files to conceal the virus from the user. This makes it more difficult for users recognize whether their computer system has been compromised by malicious software.

How to Prevent Viruses

A reliable anti viruses software can help in the prevention of malware infection on your system. With anti-virus software it is imperative that you keep the software up to date so that you can have protection against the latest viruses. Also it is important to do periodical system scans to see if any viruses have fallen through the cracks of your anti-virus system. We usually recommend to perform one scan a week, and to always scan removable storage devices. We also recommend keeping your system firewall on. Visit our Las Vegas location for help with software installation.

It is also very important to back-up data at all times. So in the case that your system gets so badly infected that your system has to be restored, you will have all the files that you need on your external storage device.

Please note that it is important to prevent downloading unknown or unwanted files and to stay away from websites that look suspicious. You can prevent malware by simply becoming aware of what is being downloaded on your computer.

Warning Signs of Malware Infection

If your system seems to be running slower than normal, your programs are crashing unexpectedly, or your are recieving popups  when surfing the web your computer could have a computer virus.

Here we at Smart Fix in Las Vegas are familiar with all type of Malware and we remove any infected files to make your system healthy again. Feel free to stop by at one of our locations to get a FREE diagnoses of your system.  If your system is infected we can completely clean and remove all viruses, malwares and spyware.