Most Common iPad Mini Problems and Repairs

5 - 2013

apple_iPad_MiniApple has become one of the most prominent brands of today. Everywhere you look you see an iPhone or an iPad. Today we will discuss one of Apples newest and most popular products, the iPad Mini. Think of the power of Apple iPads in a much smaller version. Despite its size the Mini is just as powerful as most other iPads or tablets, seeing that it is powered by Apples A5 dual core processor. The iPad Mini has a crystal clear 7.9 inch screen with retina display. The glass is also equipped with a finger-print resistant coating to avoid most smudges. The iPad Mini slightly lacks potential in picture quality since it only has a 5 megapixel camera, however it does shoot beautiful videos in 1080p. The Mini shares the same charging method as the iPhone 5, using a Lightning cable instead of the old 30 pin charger, enabling a faster charging speed. Also, the 10 hour battery life on the iPad Mini does not disappoint. All this and many more features are packed into an iPad that weighs in just a little over half a pound, 0.68 lbs to be exact) making it literally the iPad Mini.

Here at Smart Fix we are proud to offer repair services for the iPad Mini. Here are a few of the services we offer for this device.

No matter how much we care for our devices they always find a way to hit the ground and the first thing to break is usually the glass. The iPad Mini is no exception. Here at Smart Fix we are proud to offer an OEM glass and/or LCD replacement. The repair consists of heating the old broken glass to soften the adhesive. After you have separated the glass carefully lift both LCD and glass to access a plate that covers the motherboard. That plate must be removed in order to access the connector for the digitizer (touch screen sensor) which is part of the glass. We disconnect the digitizer the clean ant exposed connectors and connect the digitizer. After that we connect the LCD and turn on the iPad to test the new glass and make sure no other parts were damaged during the repair. If the test is successful then we place the factory adhesive on the glass and mount it back on the device. The final step in the process is to heat up the glass again and place the Mini under a press to seal the glass to the frame. Of course we conduct one final test of the glass and there you have it, iPad Mini glass repair. The LCD repair is the same as process only replacing the LCD instead of glass. The only difference is that the glass is glued to the frame and the LCD is not.

Another common iPad Mini repair would be the power button. It is common for the power button to stop clicking on Apple products after a while. The power button is a ribbon cable that also connects the mute button and the volume buttons. Therefore, the power button repair also replaces the mute and volume buttons. During this repair we open the iPad Mini as explained in the glass repair article. After we have exposed the motherboard we have to disconnect any ribbon cables (some models require soldering) and remove the motherboard. The cable for the power button is glued to the frame. We carefully remove it and replace it with the new part, making sure that the buttons line up with receptor ends of the cable. Finally we reassemble the iPad and conduct a test of all functions because the device was fully disassembled. This repair is not easy and is one of the more time consuming services on all iPads.