Samsung Galaxy Note 3 At a Glance

13 - 2013

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3I am sure you can agree with us here at Smart Fix when we say the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is truly an impressive handheld device. The first feature that will grab most people’s attention is its size, which is expected in the Note family. This time Samsung went with a 5.7 inch (diagonal) LCD display that projects a crystal clear 1080×1920 pixel image. Another important feature to the everyday feature is the Note 3’s exemplary battery life of 25 talk-time hours. Now we get a little more advanced and go deep inside this Samsung marvel to reveal a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor allowing maximum performance and minimal lag when switching from application to application. The Note 3 also has a 32 GB internal storage bank with an external memory capacity of 64 GB making sure you will have more than enough space for whatever you wish to store. Final aspect of this quick overview is the camera. Samsung decided to upgrade to a 13 megapixel camera and a ton of features including HDR mode, Image stabilization and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does have a hefty price tag and like most expensive possessions you want to take excellent care of it. However, accidents do happen and that’s where we come in. Here at Smart Fix we offer a wide range of repairs for your Galaxy Note 3, from screen repair to charging port repair and everything in between.

Screen Repair

The screen on your Note 3 consists of three components. We have the LCD, which produces the image. Then fused on top of that you will find the digitizer, which is responsive to touch and finally third layer would be the glass.

Here at Smart Fix we offer two types of repairs for the Note 3 Screen. One of them is the glass repair. It is the more common screen repair and also the more affordable. This repair is only performed when the glass has been shattered and the LCD and digitizer are still intact. During this repair we diligently use heat and special prying tools to separate the shattered or cracked glass from the LCD and digitizer. Then we clean the LCD surface, making sure there are no smudges or debris. Then we reapply the adhesive and set the new glass down, heat it up again and place it on a press while it cools down. Unfortunately, sometimes the LCD and/or digitizer do receive damage. If that’s the case we need to replace all 3 components of the screen assembly. Why all 3 you ask? That’s because there is no way to separate the digitizer film from the LCD without damaging one of them. For this repair we open the back of the phone so we can disconnect and remove all components from the housing. Then we heat up the screen unit, remove it, clean the housing, replace the glue and reassemble the phone with a new screen assembly that includes all 3 units.

Another common repair would be the charging port. Here at Smart Fix we are equipped to repair or replace your charging port when your phone will no longer accept a charge. For this we will need to remove the back housing of the phone exposing the mother board. Then through the process of micro-soldering we remove the damaged port, clean the contact points and solder on a new port.

We also repair all other interior components of the Galaxy Note 3 like cameras, microphones and speakers. But what happens when they all get damaged at the same time? Let’s your phone went for a swim or you spilled your morning coffee on it because you were running late. No worries! Smart fix is here to help. We offer an extensive liquid damage treatment for your Note 3. During this repair we completely disassemble the phone and wash all contacts, connectors and components of the phone in a special chemical. We repeat the cleaning process several times before reassembling the phone to make sure all corrosion has been removed. This process takes between 3 to 5 hours and 9 out 10 times after reassembling the phone it will be working again.

The Galaxy Note 3 is remarkable but it is not indestructible. Whenever something on your Note 3 is not working the way it should don’t panic, be smart… choose Smart Fix.