Samsung Galaxy S4

5 - 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is without a doubt a handheld technological power house. Powered by a 2600mAh battery and a blazing quad-core processor, the S4 has an impressive 5.4” in display producing a stunning 1080p image. It is also equipped with a 13 megapixel camera, which as of right now, is the highest pixel count for cell phones in today’s market. From 16 to 64 GB of internal storage and an external capacity of up to 64 GB the phone has more than enough room for what you need. All this and countless more features are found in Samsung’s latest creation. However, the one thing Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is not indestructible. That’s where we come in.

Smart Fix offers numerous repairs for the S4. Below you will find a list of the most frequent repairs performed on the S4.

Display Glass

The S4 is equipped with Gorilla Glass but occasionally it can break. We provide a top of the line glass replacement service that consist of glass removal (exposing LCD which is adhered to the glass), followed by a LCD cleaning process. After that, we test the digitizer (touch screen) before installing the glass to ensure that the phone received no damage during the separation process. Then we install a new OEM glass and perform a second digitizer test. The finally step is to apply a small amount of heat to the glass, which is already installed at this point, and place it under a press with enough pressure to seal the glass to the LCD but not nearly enough to crack the glass or LCD.

LCD Display

Sometimes when the phone is dropped or the glass is broken for any reason the LCD behind the glass can also be damaged. Also, there are times that the LCD screen can break and/or malfunction without any damage to the glass. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair/replace the LCD alone but here at Smart Fix we offer an LCD+Glass combo repair. During this repair we remove the LCD and glass, clean the mounting plate of all residues and place an OEM pre-fused LCD+glass combination piece.

Charging Port

Although the S4 has an outstanding battery life you eventually have to plug in your charger. All that plugging and unplugging can harm your port if you are not careful. The charging port is a vital part of any phone but is a common repair performed on the Galaxy S4. This repair consists of disassembling the phone in order to expose the mother board. Then, we remove the damaged port and install the new one, making sure there is no debris between the port and the contact points on the mother board. Finally after we make sure the phone is charging again we reassemble the phone and perform  a second test to make sure everything is working properly.