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Preparation for sending in device:

1. Back up all valuable information from your device before sending it in.
2. Leave a note with what service you want to perform on your device before sending.
3. Send in your device.

The pricing of each service is provided on our website, if you have any questions about services please contact one of our technical representatives.
Be sure to including your contact information as well as a return address.
Be sure to use proper packaging to provide adequate protection for your device. We are not responsible for any damages during shipping and handling, or lost devices.

After the device has been sent:

1. As soon as we receive your device one of our technicians will contact you to confirm which services you need performed on the device.
2. Our technician will then perform a full diagnostic test on your device. We will then contact you again to notify you of any other issues with your device if there are any. And the total cost to repair.
3. The device is then repaired usually on the same day depending on the availability of parts.
*** The estimated quote may vary during the repair process.

Payment and shipping

1.After the repair is finished we will give you a call to discuss your payment options.
2. When the transaction is completed we then prepare the device for shipment and send it over.

We accept all the major credit cards as well as PayPal
Shipping usually takes 3-4 business days through Priority USPS. If you wish to expedite shipping or use another carrier please let us know before or during the payment process.

***Smart fix will not be responsible for the shipping time.