Smart FIX – Best iPhone Repair Service In Las Vegas

19 - 2012

Smart FIX – Best iPhone Repair Service In Las Vegas

The SmartFIX Repair Shop is more than iPhone Repair and screen replacements in Las Vegas. Our mission statement involves spreading our knowledge and expertise to all of our customers, our website visitors and our Facebook page.


• Is it Possible to Repair iPhone?

The first thing SMART FIX had to do when it entered the iPhone Repair Business in Las Vegas was to educate customers that indeed iPhone can be fixed.

• iPhone Troubleshooting
Do you have issue with your iPhone? Don’t know how to solve the problem? Take a quick look at our troubleshooting guide. Here we lay out the most common problems experienced with iDevices, including simple solutions that in some cases you can fix it yourself at home.

• Easily Fix Your Broken iPhone Glass
We understand that when you break your touchscreen you have many questions. Where do I go to fix it? Who does the best work? Who’s the most reputable repair shop in Las Vegas, Nevada?
As you probably noticed there are many iPhone Repair stores in Las Vegas but there only few that really stand behind there work and use iPhone OEM replacement parts with warranty. Smart Fix is one of those places we have 2 locations in Las Vegas and we serve the whole Spring Valley area from Henderson NV to Summerlin. You can also try the local Apple Store but the price difference may very.

• Importance of cracked glass replacement
Replacing your damaged, broken, or cracked glass on your iPhone is extremely important… more important than you think. Although it still working, there are many issues that may occur from avoiding the replacement, like damaging your LCD, iPhone mother board (logic board) or iPhone flex cables to even hurting yourself while trying to operate a broken glass iPhone with your bare hands.

• How To Protect Your iPhone Screen
There are many ways to protect your iPhone Screen, our most popular solutions is to apply a screen protector to the front iPhone Glass and the back iPhone Glass as both of them very fragile and by doing that the chances of your glass getting brake again is dropping to 80%. we also recommend to use some heavy duty case like a Otter Box or Diffender cases. they been proved as highly protective from braking your iPhone Glass.

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Smart Fix
3355 Spring Mountain Road #9 Las Vegas, NV 89102‎
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Smart Fix
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