Smartphone Water Damage Repair

2 - 2013

Water damage! Sounds familiar? Were you guessing Murphy’s laws won’t apply to you? Well, since you reached this page than probably YES, the laws are still working and your new shinny expensive smartphone has been pool swimming and now won’t turn on again… or it’s displaying some symptoms that will put to shame technicians all over the world! So, obviously, you are wondering now what’s going on with your device?

iPhone 4 motherboard with water damage

iPhone 4 motherboard with water damage

The first thing your smartphone will do when it comes in contact with fluids is shut down automatically. The sensors are ordering the motherboard to shut down so it will protect the electronic parts from short- circuiting!

The first common mistake (and one of the biggest ones) everybody does is to try to turn on the device! Now remember you were told that the sensors shut it down to prevent the damages? Don’t turn on your device. By turning it on, you are “overriding” the instructions and the phone will think it’s state is optimum right now to function again and now is the time when the heavy damages are done! Electronic short-circuits that is!

There is a chance your device will function properly again, after you turned it on, but do not worry! You’re still under Murphy’s laws regarding the value of your smartphone being in inverse ratio with the chances of functioning properly!

Considering your smartphone will work again properly after water damages is wrong, wrong, wrong! What’s happening inside is all over the motherboard corrosion and rust will attack the electronic components, thus making different functions and parts of your smartphone unusable!

This is the part of this sad story when we’re coming into action! There are chances that the device will still humbly serve you if you’re visiting our big heads-know-it-all- geeks technicians! What they will do is, first of all , strip down the smartphone completely(no shame in that!), and wash all the electronic circuits with chemicals!
Then the motherboard will enjoy a bath of beneficial chemicals also, this way we’ll get rid of that rust from it! Shine again! Now the phone will be ready for assembly again and for that part with serving you again, humble! Usually we’re charging great amounts of money for tips and tricks, but because today we’re not in the mood for making money (and you’re already upset), we can give you some tips for free!

iPhone 3GS motherboard with water damage

iPhone 3GS motherboard with water damage (corrosion and rust traces)


DO NOT TRY powering the device back on!!!

If the water damage occurred over night, remove the battery if possible and put the smartphone in a bag of expensive aromatic basmatic rice (ok, just regular rice will do), in a well ventilated place. Before doing anything else in the morning (presuming you didn’t cook your device along with the rice for your breakfast), take that bag to our technicians!We’re not saving lives in here, but we’re saving phones!