Samsung Galaxy Note 3 At a Glance

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3I am sure you can agree with us here at Smart Fix when we say the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is truly an impressive handheld device. The first feature that will grab most people’s attention is its size, which is expected in the Note family. This time Samsung went with a 5.7 inch (diagonal) LCD display that projects a crystal clear 1080×1920 pixel image. Another important feature to the everyday feature is the Note 3’s exemplary battery life of 25 talk-time hours. Now we get a little more advanced and go deep inside this Samsung marvel to reveal a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor allowing maximum performance and minimal lag when switching from application to application. The Note 3 also has a 32 GB internal storage bank with an external memory capacity of 64 GB making sure you will have more than enough space for whatever you wish to store. Final aspect of this quick overview is the camera. Samsung decided to upgrade to a 13 megapixel camera and a ton of features including HDR mode, Image stabilization and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does have a hefty price tag and like most expensive possessions you want to take excellent care of it. However, accidents do happen and that’s where we come in. Here at Smart Fix we offer a wide range of repairs for your Galaxy Note 3, from screen repair to charging port repair and everything in between.

Screen Repair

The screen on your Note 3 consists of three components. We have the LCD, which produces the image. Then fused on top of that you will find the digitizer, which is responsive to touch and finally third layer would be the glass.

Here at Smart Fix we offer two types of repairs for the Note 3 Screen. One of them is the glass repair. It is the more common screen repair and also the more affordable. This repair is only performed when the glass has been shattered and the LCD and digitizer are still intact. During this repair we diligently use heat and special prying tools to separate the shattered or cracked glass from the LCD and digitizer. Then we clean the LCD surface, making sure there are no smudges or debris. Then we reapply the adhesive and set the new glass down, heat it up again and place it on a press while it cools down. Unfortunately, sometimes the LCD and/or digitizer do receive damage. If that’s the case we need to replace all 3 components of the screen assembly. Why all 3 you ask? That’s because there is no way to separate the digitizer film from the LCD without damaging one of them. For this repair we open the back of the phone so we can disconnect and remove all components from the housing. Then we heat up the screen unit, remove it, clean the housing, replace the glue and reassemble the phone with a new screen assembly that includes all 3 units.

Another common repair would be the charging port. Here at Smart Fix we are equipped to repair or replace your charging port when your phone will no longer accept a charge. For this we will need to remove the back housing of the phone exposing the mother board. Then through the process of micro-soldering we remove the damaged port, clean the contact points and solder on a new port.

We also repair all other interior components of the Galaxy Note 3 like cameras, microphones and speakers. But what happens when they all get damaged at the same time? Let’s your phone went for a swim or you spilled your morning coffee on it because you were running late. No worries! Smart fix is here to help. We offer an extensive liquid damage treatment for your Note 3. During this repair we completely disassemble the phone and wash all contacts, connectors and components of the phone in a special chemical. We repeat the cleaning process several times before reassembling the phone to make sure all corrosion has been removed. This process takes between 3 to 5 hours and 9 out 10 times after reassembling the phone it will be working again.

The Galaxy Note 3 is remarkable but it is not indestructible. Whenever something on your Note 3 is not working the way it should don’t panic, be smart… choose Smart Fix.

What is the best prepaid plan in the US 2014?

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013


In the age of communication it’s easy to get lost in all the wireless prepaid plans that being offered these days. Many wireless providers trying to offer more options lately with very comparative prices on all kind of plans and starting to shift out from the traditional 2 years contracts.
Verizon wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile is not necessarily are the best choices in the wireless business. Today many small companies such as,  H2O Wireless, Spot Mobile, Red Pocket, Ultra Mobile, Boost, Net 10 wireless, Page plus, Simple mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket and many more are trying to take a position in the wireless market.

Which phone can I use on prepaid plans?

In most cases you will have to use a GSM unlocked phone, if you have a phone from AT&T or T-Mobile you can easily use this type of phones on most of the networks. Phones that come from carriers like Sprint and Verizon are not compatible with GSM networks and you will need to get an unlocked GSM phone instead.
Can I use a smartphone on prepaid network?
Yes you can, most networks providing unlimited talk and text plans with data connections. The only downside to the data plans that offered on prepaid plans is that they are still not compatible with LTE high speed internet connection and you will get in most cases the 4G or 3G speeds. Many people are willing compromise on speed for affordability and the fact that they are not obligated in a 2 years contract and a credit check is not required.
Many people use their iPhone, Android or windows phones on prepaid networks every day. The only thing you will need to do is to setup the data settings and the MMS settings to receive picture messages for each phone individually, after it’s done you can start using your phone.

Which Plan Should I Get?

Here at Smart Fix we offer all prepaid plans available today in the United States. In recent months we are strongly recommend our customers to go with the Spot Mobile wireless provider as the plan value and the service you get is the most efficient in today’s market.
Plans available on spot mobile (as of Nov 2013):
$24.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, No Data
$29.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 250mb Data
*Most Popular $39.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 1GB Data 4G
$49.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 2GB Data 4G
$59.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 3GB Data 4G, Unlimited International Calling

Spot Mobile Coverage Map:

Our recommendation is based on the fact that Spot Mobile is working on T-Mobile antenna towers and it will give you the same coverage in all United States as a regular T-mobile customers without paying anything extra and will get the same customer service without a contract.


Can I Port my number?

Yes you can, any spot mobile dealer can port your number from any other network, please make sure that you do not turn off your service before switching the provider.

Where do I sign up and pay my bill?

If you located in Las Vegas, Smart Fix has 3 convenient retail locations to start you with a new pre-paid plan. Visit our store for new activation, to port your old number or just pay your bill, you can also pay your bill online at any time.
For more detail on this plan fill free to call us at: 702-875-4050

SMARTFIX Phone Repair & Computer Repair Services 3 Locations in Las Vegas

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Our New Location:

SmartFix is happy to announce its 3rd location in the Las Vegas Desert valley of Nevada. The Smart Fix company is partnered up with Vegas Cellular store and under a new management we serve the entire Valley including Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin , SW Las Vegas, East Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip.  Our New location is located at 3545 S Fort Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV 89147 Tel: (702) 360-6500
Be sure to visit the new Vegas Cellular Powered by SmartFix store for  special prices on all repairs, phone accessories and wireless plans activations and bill pays.

Who we are?

The phone repair industry is spreading around and Smart Fix company is one of the firs stores in Las Vegas that been providing iPhone repair services and other Smartphone repair services in the Las Vegas area. Smart Fix company has been established since December 2008 and with 5 years of experience and professional phone technicians we provide all phone repair services along with computer and tablet repairs. Whether your iPhone screen is cracked or the Samsung galaxy glass is shattered or you got a virus on your computer or your iPad screen got broken,  we fix all phones, tablets, laptops no matter what.  Our policy is simple “if we couldn’t fix it you don’t pay”.

Why Smart Fix?

Beside the fact that we are the largest provider of cell phone and computer repair services in Las Vegas with 3 locations and a professional team of technicians we are also the biggest phone replacement parts wholesale supplier in the West of the United States ( so we keep all our parts in stock and able to provide our customers wholesale prices on most of  the services we provide.

What we Fix?

Smart Phone repairs – iPhone, iPod, HTC, Samsung, Android, Galaxy, Motorola, Droid, Nokia, LG, Blackberry and more..
Tablet Repairs – iPad, Asus, Blackberry, Tab, Samsung, Kindle, Blackberry  and more..
Computer and laptop repair – Sony Vaio, HP, Dell, Compaq, LG, Gateway, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Samsung, PC, Desktop, Netbooks, Intel , AMD and more..

  • Broken Glass repair
  • Water Damage repair
  • LCD Replacement
  • Unlock
  • Jailbreak
  • Root
  • Battery Replacement
  • Housing replacement
  • Software Repair
  • Home / Power / Volume Button Repairs
  • Charging Port repair
  • Phone Color Conversion
  • Virus removal
  • Laptop LCD repair
  • Password bypass
  • OS install
  • hardware install

Most repairs done by the same day, so visit our stores today and get it fixed!

Most Common iPad Mini Problems and Repairs

Monday, August 5th, 2013

apple_iPad_MiniApple has become one of the most prominent brands of today. Everywhere you look you see an iPhone or an iPad. Today we will discuss one of Apples newest and most popular products, the iPad Mini. Think of the power of Apple iPads in a much smaller version. Despite its size the Mini is just as powerful as most other iPads or tablets, seeing that it is powered by Apples A5 dual core processor. The iPad Mini has a crystal clear 7.9 inch screen with retina display. The glass is also equipped with a finger-print resistant coating to avoid most smudges. The iPad Mini slightly lacks potential in picture quality since it only has a 5 megapixel camera, however it does shoot beautiful videos in 1080p. The Mini shares the same charging method as the iPhone 5, using a Lightning cable instead of the old 30 pin charger, enabling a faster charging speed. Also, the 10 hour battery life on the iPad Mini does not disappoint. All this and many more features are packed into an iPad that weighs in just a little over half a pound, 0.68 lbs to be exact) making it literally the iPad Mini.

Here at Smart Fix we are proud to offer repair services for the iPad Mini. Here are a few of the services we offer for this device.

No matter how much we care for our devices they always find a way to hit the ground and the first thing to break is usually the glass. The iPad Mini is no exception. Here at Smart Fix we are proud to offer an OEM glass and/or LCD replacement. The repair consists of heating the old broken glass to soften the adhesive. After you have separated the glass carefully lift both LCD and glass to access a plate that covers the motherboard. That plate must be removed in order to access the connector for the digitizer (touch screen sensor) which is part of the glass. We disconnect the digitizer the clean ant exposed connectors and connect the digitizer. After that we connect the LCD and turn on the iPad to test the new glass and make sure no other parts were damaged during the repair. If the test is successful then we place the factory adhesive on the glass and mount it back on the device. The final step in the process is to heat up the glass again and place the Mini under a press to seal the glass to the frame. Of course we conduct one final test of the glass and there you have it, iPad Mini glass repair. The LCD repair is the same as process only replacing the LCD instead of glass. The only difference is that the glass is glued to the frame and the LCD is not.

Another common iPad Mini repair would be the power button. It is common for the power button to stop clicking on Apple products after a while. The power button is a ribbon cable that also connects the mute button and the volume buttons. Therefore, the power button repair also replaces the mute and volume buttons. During this repair we open the iPad Mini as explained in the glass repair article. After we have exposed the motherboard we have to disconnect any ribbon cables (some models require soldering) and remove the motherboard. The cable for the power button is glued to the frame. We carefully remove it and replace it with the new part, making sure that the buttons line up with receptor ends of the cable. Finally we reassemble the iPad and conduct a test of all functions because the device was fully disassembled. This repair is not easy and is one of the more time consuming services on all iPads.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Monday, August 5th, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is without a doubt a handheld technological power house. Powered by a 2600mAh battery and a blazing quad-core processor, the S4 has an impressive 5.4” in display producing a stunning 1080p image. It is also equipped with a 13 megapixel camera, which as of right now, is the highest pixel count for cell phones in today’s market. From 16 to 64 GB of internal storage and an external capacity of up to 64 GB the phone has more than enough room for what you need. All this and countless more features are found in Samsung’s latest creation. However, the one thing Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is not indestructible. That’s where we come in.

Smart Fix offers numerous repairs for the S4. Below you will find a list of the most frequent repairs performed on the S4.

Display Glass

The S4 is equipped with Gorilla Glass but occasionally it can break. We provide a top of the line glass replacement service that consist of glass removal (exposing LCD which is adhered to the glass), followed by a LCD cleaning process. After that, we test the digitizer (touch screen) before installing the glass to ensure that the phone received no damage during the separation process. Then we install a new OEM glass and perform a second digitizer test. The finally step is to apply a small amount of heat to the glass, which is already installed at this point, and place it under a press with enough pressure to seal the glass to the LCD but not nearly enough to crack the glass or LCD.

LCD Display

Sometimes when the phone is dropped or the glass is broken for any reason the LCD behind the glass can also be damaged. Also, there are times that the LCD screen can break and/or malfunction without any damage to the glass. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair/replace the LCD alone but here at Smart Fix we offer an LCD+Glass combo repair. During this repair we remove the LCD and glass, clean the mounting plate of all residues and place an OEM pre-fused LCD+glass combination piece.

Charging Port

Although the S4 has an outstanding battery life you eventually have to plug in your charger. All that plugging and unplugging can harm your port if you are not careful. The charging port is a vital part of any phone but is a common repair performed on the Galaxy S4. This repair consists of disassembling the phone in order to expose the mother board. Then, we remove the damaged port and install the new one, making sure there is no debris between the port and the contact points on the mother board. Finally after we make sure the phone is charging again we reassemble the phone and perform  a second test to make sure everything is working properly.

New Laptop Repair Video

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Are you frustrated with your slow computer and don’t know who to turn to?

Smart FIX is the fastest and one of the most affordable computer repair shops in las vegas!

With more than 4 years of experience we provide our customers the highest quality phone and computer repair services.

Stop throwing your money away and start saving

We can fix any problem on your PC, Mac Computer or Laptop within the same day in a fast and professional manor.

• Virus removal

• OS Install

• Broken Laptop LCD or keyboard

• Blue screen

• Software and hardware installation

And many more…

We offer to all our customers a FREE diagnostic without any hidden fees or extra charges. What we quote that’s what you pay!

Just bring it to us for a free quote in one of our 2 locations in Las Vegas for the best computer repair experience you ever had.

Most repairs done by the same day!

iPhone 5 Housing Color Kit Conversion Swap

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Finally it’s here, SmartFix stores had always been the most innovative and one step ahead of any other iPhone repair shops in Las Vegas. This is the place where you can make your dreams come true. With the availability to change the color on your iPhone 5 your life is not a black and white movie anymore; it will be full of color. Now SmartFix carries the back housing of the iPhone 5 in any color you would like.

The color customization of the iPhones started with the iPhone 4 and became a trend in the past 2 years and more and more people want to have their precious smartphone device more unique looking and willing to invest money in that. A good time to do a color conversion is when your iPhone is already being opened up for repair, like a cracked glass or batter replacement.


The hardest part of the color conversion kit is choosing the color you want as the possibilities are endless, we carry in stock all colors at all times:


  • Pink / Black
  • Pink / White
  • Red / Black
  • Red / White
  • Baby Blue / Black
  • Baby Blue / White
  • Purple / Black
  • Purple / White

These colors look amazing, you really have to see them in person! Just visit our store and pick your favorite.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does the installation of the color conversion kit takes?
    It usually takes about 2-3 hours to install the color kit
  2. What is the Price of the iPhone 5 Color Conversion and what it’s include?
    The Price is $179.99 and it includes the part and the installation.
  3. Will it affect my iPhone?
    No, all the functions will stay the same.
  4. Can I change it back to the original color later?
    You always can install back the original colors as long as you keep the parts.

So if you break the glass on your iPhone 5 and need to replace it or you just looking for an excuse to change the color on your phone give us a call at 702-8754050 or visit our stores:

3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9, Las Vegas, NV 89103. Phone: 702-875-4050
8221 W. Charleston Blvd #107, Las Vegas, NV 89117. Phone: 702-979-9400



Smartphone Water Damage Repair

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Water damage! Sounds familiar? Were you guessing Murphy’s laws won’t apply to you? Well, since you reached this page than probably YES, the laws are still working and your new shinny expensive smartphone has been pool swimming and now won’t turn on again… or it’s displaying some symptoms that will put to shame technicians all over the world! So, obviously, you are wondering now what’s going on with your device?

iPhone 4 motherboard with water damage

iPhone 4 motherboard with water damage

The first thing your smartphone will do when it comes in contact with fluids is shut down automatically. The sensors are ordering the motherboard to shut down so it will protect the electronic parts from short- circuiting!

The first common mistake (and one of the biggest ones) everybody does is to try to turn on the device! Now remember you were told that the sensors shut it down to prevent the damages? Don’t turn on your device. By turning it on, you are “overriding” the instructions and the phone will think it’s state is optimum right now to function again and now is the time when the heavy damages are done! Electronic short-circuits that is!

There is a chance your device will function properly again, after you turned it on, but do not worry! You’re still under Murphy’s laws regarding the value of your smartphone being in inverse ratio with the chances of functioning properly!

Considering your smartphone will work again properly after water damages is wrong, wrong, wrong! What’s happening inside is all over the motherboard corrosion and rust will attack the electronic components, thus making different functions and parts of your smartphone unusable!

This is the part of this sad story when we’re coming into action! There are chances that the device will still humbly serve you if you’re visiting our big heads-know-it-all- geeks technicians! What they will do is, first of all , strip down the smartphone completely(no shame in that!), and wash all the electronic circuits with chemicals!
Then the motherboard will enjoy a bath of beneficial chemicals also, this way we’ll get rid of that rust from it! Shine again! Now the phone will be ready for assembly again and for that part with serving you again, humble! Usually we’re charging great amounts of money for tips and tricks, but because today we’re not in the mood for making money (and you’re already upset), we can give you some tips for free!

iPhone 3GS motherboard with water damage

iPhone 3GS motherboard with water damage (corrosion and rust traces)


DO NOT TRY powering the device back on!!!

If the water damage occurred over night, remove the battery if possible and put the smartphone in a bag of expensive aromatic basmatic rice (ok, just regular rice will do), in a well ventilated place. Before doing anything else in the morning (presuming you didn’t cook your device along with the rice for your breakfast), take that bag to our technicians!We’re not saving lives in here, but we’re saving phones!


iPhone 4 Vibrator (vibration motor) Repair

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

iPhone 4 Vibrator RepairYour iPhone 4 Vibrate button stopped working and you don’t know what to do.
To replace the vibrate motor on your iPhone involves couple steps, the motor itself connected to the Headphone Jack Volume Vibrator Switch Flex cable and in most of the cases the cable itself need to be replaced. The repair usually takes around 30 to 40 minutes and we use only original audio jack flex cable to replace it. Most people mistakenly think when their vibration switch goes bad that the vibrate button itself need to be replaced when usually is the cable under the button and the vibrator motor need to be replaced. If you confused and not sure what is the problem, just bring it to our experts at SmartFix Iphone repair shop and we will diagnose the problem for FREE!

iPhone 4 Earpiece Sound Repair

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

iPhone 4 Earpiece RepairSound is the most important part in heaving a phone and if the sound disappears than you have a major problem, is the sound of your conversation on your iPhone 4 disappeared or get interrupted all the time? Well it’s a common problem on the iPhone 4 and luckily it’s easy to fix. All we need to do is to disassemble the iPhone 4 and replace the earpiece on it. We use only original earpiece replacement parts for all iPhone 4 as the part is connected to the motherboard and using a replacement part would put your phone in risk. The repair process takes about 30min and it’s done in our professional iPhone lab at the SmartFix repair shop as we need a clean environment and professional tools to make it happen.