iPhone 4 Charging Port Repair

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

iPhone 4 Charging Port RepairDuring the use of our device the iPhone 4 get accidental hits and shocks sometimes and those hits might reflect on the internal parts malfunctions like the charging port. Another reason can be that the charging port stopped working is that there is too many unauthorized Apple chargers in the market that can mess up the charging dock and a lot of people use them without even knowing that they charging there phone with some low quality charger.

So if you experience the following problems:

iPhone 4 wont charge

iPhone 4 Charging port broken

iPhone 4 Reboots when you connect it to the charger

iPhone 4 charge stops after you connect it to other device

iPhone 4 dirt and dust inside the charging port

Its means that you need to replace the iPhone 4 Lowed dock flex cable. As the name maybe sound complicate the actual repair usually takes about 30 min. The good thing is that the iPhone 4 Lower dock is the most popular charging port (30 pin charging port) the same port that been used on iPhone 2g, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3Gs, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod 1,2,3,4gen and many more devices. It’s very important not to make the same mistake twice, if you charged your iPhone 4 with a non-original charging cable make sure that the lab that install the lower dock cable for you has the Original Apple charging port. We at Smartfix use only the highest quality part that comes with a 90 days warranty.

We also recommend before you come to repair your charging port on your iPhone at our iPhone repair shop you can also try to take a small tooth brush (make sure it’s not wet)   and try slightly to brush the charging port from dust and dirt it might save you some money for a repair. After doing so it might resolve you’re charging issue on your phone but if the issue is coming back and the phone stopping to charge than the charging port need to be replaced and you have to replace it.

iPhone 4 front & back camera repair

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

iPhone Camera RepairIf the front camera or the back camera on your iPhone stopped working you can be sure that SmartFix can fix it. Usually  when you trying to open the camera Application and it’s just shows you the camera shutters closed and you tried to restore your phone and it still didn’t work the reason might be in the camera itself.  This sort of problems not always can be related to the software but also to the hardware of your phone.  The front iphone 4 camera is a different camera from the back and they not connected to each other. The repair might take up to an hour and we use only OEM replacement parts for this repair.

iPhone 4 Battery Repair

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

iPhone 4 Battery Repair Your iPhone battery runs out quickly? Do not hold enough standby time as the iPhone was new??? ….. Well we know the phenomenon.

In this article we will review the concern for the:

IPhone battery quickly finished even after long charging.

In all Apple iPhones from the first models like the 2gen iPhone to the latest one the iPhone 5, Apple used the ION Lithium batteries.  And we can feel the improvement in the battery life sins than such as the talk time duration has been increased and the waiting time also been increased.

After a period of a year or more the iPhone battery starts to lose from its power (depends on the use of course). Like any other lithium batteries the iPhone battery has a certain life length and after a while the talk time, the standby time and your internet browsing time is not good as use to be and it’s just starting to lose from its power very quickly and doesn’t hold the charge any more, than it’s about time to replace your battery on your iPhone 4.  It’s not a very complicated procedure to replace your iPhone 4 Battery but it’s still required a professional skills to replace it as if you do it yourself you might damage some other parts on your phone like the motherboard, that will be involved in a much higher cost repair or in some cases will make a break from your phone and it will be unfixable. There is to many cheap versions of Apple iPhone batteries but keep in mind that the might damage your phone completely or even interfere with your health as they made from special chemicals,  We use ONLY original Apple Replacement batteries and we do not recommend you to use any different replacement type. For more questions about this service please give us a call at: 702-8754050 and we will do our best to help you.

iPhone 4 Color Conversion Kit

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

iPhone 4 Color Conversion Kit Have you heard the rumor? IPhone color kits available at Smartfix and we can change your iPhone to a different color now. The IPhone 4 gets more fashionable today and now it comes in a variety of colors: Pink, Red, Baby Blue, Gold, Silver, Transparent and many more..

Did you broke your iPhone 4 or just tired of the boring black or white well this is your chance to swap the color on your iPhone.  The color conversion kit comes in 2 pieces, the front iPhone 4 glass and LCD factory attached together and the rear iPhone 4 back Glass.

Who said that iPhones need to be only in Black or white? Surprise your friends and be the one to stand out from the crowd, with a unique and a different iPhone than others.  The color conversion repair takes about 1 hour for the installation and we have most of the colors in stock all the time. You can also combine different colors together, for example you can install Pink iPhone front glass with a white home button and a baby blue back glass. So be creative and don’t afraid to step out of the box, we here to make your wish to come true. Did you always wanted green iPhone? Red? Or maybe yellow? Today it is possible .We carry replacement screen and back covers for your iPhone to a color you like. All you have to do is choose your favorite color. Like your favorite team colors for example and we will install it. Replacement includes: Front screen, rear cover and home button installation.  Just to make it clear this is not a sticker and we do not paint your iPhone 4, the parts we will install on your phone are axially in different colors variations.

IPhone 4 Power Button Repair Service

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

This is probably one of the most annoying issues you can have on your iPhone, you just finished a conversation but you cannot turn of your screen after and it’s draining your battery 5 times faster.

Well the solution is easy in most of the iPhone 4 power button repairs there is only one thing to do and its replacing the iPhone 4 power flex cable that located under the power button itself and cleaning all the components from dirt and dust. It’s not an easy repair as it requires taking a part the smallest components on your phone and putting them back together but be sure that after we done fixing your phone 4 the power button will be just as it was as new. It’s a common problem on most of the iPhones models and it’s usually occurring due to a wear on the cable that connects the button itself. This service will replace your home broken power switch, if you did this repair before and your proximity sensor stop working we can insure you it will not happen with us, this service will not affect your proximity sensor and this is the main reason you should do this type of repairs in a professional iPhone repair lab. We have the most advanced tools, original Apple parts and the most advanced knowledge in fixing iPhones.

iPhone 4 Home Button Repair

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

iPhone Home ButtonThe iPhone 4 Home button is the button that has the most wear. Its happens a lot that after a year or more on the iPhone the home button star to be not responsive as use to be or its just sinking inside the phone and it’s not possible to use it at all especially when it’s the most important button on the phone that controls the hole iPhone menu. There is to reasons for that happening you might have just a little bit dust inside that need to be cleaned or your iPhone 4 Home Button flex cable the cable under the button that you cannot see and responsible for the home button data transmit need to be replaced. In order for us to repair the home button on the iPhone 4 we will need to take apart almost the whole phone including the iPhone front glass and LCD after we do so we will replace the iPhone 4 home button flex cable and clean all the components around it from dirt and dust. This type of repair requires a professional iPhone technician skills and it’s usually done within 40min to 1 hour. So if you stuck in Las Vegas and your home button on your iPhone is stuck to don’t waste your time and just visit our iPhone repair shop to fix it quickly and professionally. Buy the way for an extra of just $10 we can even change and install you the home button itself in any other colors like red, pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, gold or silver. It’s important also to use only original iPhone replacement parts in this repair as the not original ones might cause a shortcut on your phone and destroy your phone completely what will be a result of a much higher cost repairs.

New Computer Repair Video

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Check out this new computer repair video from SmartFix. If you have a computer that is not performing to your expectations, bring it in to SmartFix. We will be happy to repair it.


SmartFix Announces New Phone LCD Recycling Program

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada, March 13, 2013 – With an estimated 8 billion mobile phones currently on the global network, it has never been more important to explore options for recycling and reusing damaged and old mobile phones. In March 2013, the environmentally-aware company SmartFix launched a recycling program that handles liquid crystal displays (LCDs) from damaged and older model mobile phones.


CEO of SmartFix, Mike Bozorgi, says, “At SmartFix we are acutely aware of the environmental threats faced today, particularly the impact that electronic waste and pollution has on the environment.”


A recent study demonstrated that there has been a major global impact from the LCD panels of mobile phones, laptops, monitors, and televisions. The study showed that one of the chemicals found in the LCD screens, nitrogen triflouride, may have an environmental impact that is up to 17,000 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=12287


Nitrogen triflouride is predicted to have devastating effects on the environment, considering that it is one of the compounds known to contribute to the greenhouse effect and is predicted to remain in our atmosphere for up to 550 years.


Mike Bozorgi says that his business is taking strides to do their part to minimize the environmental impact, “We live increasingly technological-enhanced lives, and electronic waste pollution is the fallout from our continued drive to embrace developments in technology; but as with everything, there are definite pros and cons to every situation. SmartFix remains not only a reputable retail store offering mobile phone repairs, but we are also a major industry player for parts and accessories. It is for this reason that we are raising awareness about the importance of recycling your old LCD screens.”


“You can be sure that with any repair made to the broken screen of your iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Android, or your laptop, we will ensure that your screens are recycled at our recycling facility. In an effort to preserve a better world, we encourage our customers to be a part of the positive change and think about the environmental impact of the phones that are such an ingrained part of our lives today. Bring your broken phone screens to our stores for repair, or donate your old phones along with working and non-working computers to our recycling plan.”


Visit us online at iphonerepairlaptoprepairlasvegas.com or at any one of the SmartFix locations in Las Vegas to drop off your phone for a quick repair or to donate your old one. Quick repair and environmentally-sound recycling practices make SmartFix the smart choice for your mobile phone and laptop repairs.


SmartFix is located at:
3355 Spring Mountain Rd. #9, Las Vegas, NV, 89102
8221 W. Charleston Blvd. #107, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Computer and Laptop Service

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Computer Repair Services In Las Vegas

With almost everyone owning some type of computer these days, finding a good computer repair service has become a necessity. However, not all of the computer repair services are the same so you if you want a service you need to know what to look for when choosing that computer repair service. If you live in the Las Vegas areas like Summerlin, north Las Vegas, Henderson, Las Vegas Blvd, by China town las vegas, South west las vegas  you are probably going to want to do a computer search to find a computer repair service in Las Vegas near you. Some search terms you might want to try will include:

Of course, your best choice is going to be to find a repair service in the Las Vegas area that can repair personal computers, laptops and MAC and do virus removals as well repair those Laptop broken screens.

Broken Screen Repair

One of the most common problems with laptops are that people often drop them which results in broken screens / LCD. This means that you are either going to end up paying out big bucks to buy a new laptop or have that broken screen repaired. The problem is that many computer repair services can fix internal problems with your computer, but simply don’t repair or replace DC Jack. In some cases, your chances of finding a laptop broken screen repair in Las Vegas can be a lot like your chances of getting a royal flush at one of the casinos. While it is possible, it can be quite difficult.

Of course you can increase your chances of finding a good computer repair service in Las Vegas that does broken screen repair as well as virus removal and other repairs by going about your search in a methodical manner. Here are some tips that will help you find a good computer repair service.

  •  Make a list of all of those things that you feel might go wrong with your computer that can be repaired. Then type in a search for each of these items, such as broken laptop screen, virus removal, internal repairs, hard drive repairs, water damage laptop repair, windows install, computer tune up,  and the such. Look for the names of any repair services that come up in every search you try as these repair services are more likely to do every type of computer repair that you may ever need.
  • Then go to the website of these computer repair services and see exactly what services they offer. Remember you are looking for a service that can do it all.
  • Read the testimonials or reviews for that specific computer repair service to see if past customers were happy with the service.
  • Call the repair service, explain your problem and see if they can repair your computer problem, and if so if they can complete the repairs in a timely manner.

By being methodical you will definitely come cross SmartFix in Las Vegas, a repair shop with skilled and knowledgeable technicians, many years of experience in the computer and laptop business, great competitive prices.

Smartfix has 2 locations in town, one off of the Las Begas Blvd on Spring Mountian and Polaris and the other on summerlin las vegas on Charleston and Cimarron. You can call to either of one the stores 702-875-4050 or 702-979-9400 and ask about your problem and get directions to our laptop and computer repair shops in Las Vegas, bring your PC or MAC or Laptop to SmartFix and let us to fix your device. Most of the software repairs are getting done in the same day. Hardware repairs might tak longer depends on the availability of parts.

No matter which part of Las Vegas you live you can bring you PC or MAC or Laptop to SmartFix and we can fix your computer or laptop.

SmartFix can fix and repair all laptops like DELL / Toshiba / IBM  / Compaq / Asus / HP / Gateway  / Samsung even MAC / iMAC / MAC BOOK PRO / MAC BOOK AIR

Las Vegas Laptop LCD Replacement Repairs

Monday, February 11th, 2013

At SmartFix Las Vegas we receive a large number of Broken LCDs on laptops every month. The most typical reason for the monitor breaking is from accidental damage, but we have also received cases where the LCD has been damaged due to natural use. LCD screens often break in one of two ways, either the display is physically cracked or the mechanism that lights the display is damaged.

We have heard every story imaginable for ways people have broken their computer screens. Most cases people leave their laptop on or near the bed, and it either falls off or gets stepped on. We’ve had stories where people have sat on their laptops mistakenly, or even had their kids dance on top of it. Then there are also those times when people have the urge to throw it up against the wall because of an unpleasant message. We have heard and seen it all.

Every laptop is different, even computers with the same model can use different LCD screens. That is why we don’t quote the price of the repair over the phone for LCD replacements. If you do happen to break your laptop we suggest you visit one of our two SmartFix locations on the Las Vegas Strip ( 3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9 Las Vegas Nevada 89102 ) or Summerlin ( 8221 W Charleston Las Vegas Nevada 89117 ). Our technician will be able to find the exact model number of your LCD and give you an estimate of the cost. We can then place the order for your LCD scree. We at SmartFix do not put an extra charge on the cost of the LCD screen, so in the end you will only be paying for the service and the part. This is how we maintain the best prices in town for screen repalcement. Usually the order takes around 3-5 business days to receive the LCD screen. After the part is brought into our store we replace the screen the someday, to get the laptop back to you as fast as possible

We also repair Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros with broken LCD screens. MacBooks tend to cost a little more than PC laptops because the quality of screens are usually higher end. We also order the plastic frame around the screen which is the same as the orignal, since after removal the frame becomes damaged. This allows us to ensure the quality of our services.

Laptop Care
We recommend always placing your laptop on a flat surface such as a desk, or table. This will stop the computer from overheating, trapping dust, and prevent your computer from being stepped on or falling. It is also a good idea to keep the laptop in a case when not in use or traveling.
If a problem does occur rest assure that we at SmartFix Las Vegas are here to help with your broken LCD screen.
Henderson! don’t feel excluded, we love you as much as North Las Vegas but currently we don’t have a location in Henderson area but we will soon. In the mean time you can visit either our SpringMountain Location next to the strip in Las Vegas or our Summerlin location in North Las Vegas.