Fix your slow running laptop in Las Vegas

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Before purchasing a laptop, always do your homework. Make sure that the laptop you are about to purchase has the capabilities required for your daily use. Note that looks are not everything when it comes to buying a computer. Whenever looking at a computer it is imperative to look at the specifications, and make sure they meet your needs. In order to have a laptop with decent performance it is important to focus on the following specifications:

CPU type AMD or Intel and the amount of cores it runs (we recommend intel i3-i7 processors)
Memory or RAM (good amount is 4GB-6GB, also be aware of the speed of the RAM)
Hard disk type and size (IDE, SATA or SSD)
If you are into gaming, Graphic Cards are a high priority
Other specifications to look for:
motherboard firmware
cooling system specifications

A CPU dictates how many things your computer can do at one time and how fast it can do it. The CPU is the most vital component of your computer because most of the time it cannot be changed or upgraded. When looking at the specifications for a CPU they often state, the amount of cores hand the speed. Cores dictate how many applications you can run at the same time. The speed is often provided ing Ghz, which is basically how fast the clock on the computer can churn out information. Ideally you want your computer to have around 2.4 Ghz or more. If your computer has less cores you want a higher speed. If you have many cores you can bring down the speed.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, Its main job is to store the information you are currently using so you can access them faster. The higher this is the more applications your computer can handle. This is very important for increasing the speed of your laptop. This component can be easily upgraded after purchase. If your computer seems to be running slow bring it in to Smart Fix Las Vegas, to see if your computer requires more RAM.

Hard Drive
There are three types of commonly used hard drives: IDE, SATA, and SSDs.
IDEs are the oldest hard drives available and typically have very low read an write speeds. They are also larger then the other hard drives and are typically used for desktop computers, but are becoming more and more obsolete.
SATA hard drives are the most commonly used hard drive. They still use a series of disks and needles so they can be more easily damaged then our next option, but are typically very well balanced hard drives. They come at an affordable price range and have all types of sizes. SATA hard Drives have a medium range read and write speed which is usually fine for the typical users. These are typically used for both PC’s and Laptops.
SSDs are the fastest hard drives available in the market today. They use flash memory, so they are completely silent during operation because they do not read an write on to disks. They have phenomenal read and write speeds. The only problem with these hard drives is the price range. SSDs usually have a low amount of space in them because the cost per GB is around $1-$2. These means that for a 500 GB hard drive it can easily cost you anywhere from $500- $1000 dollars. So if speed is what you need this is the hard drive for you.

If you laptop is running slow it comes down to either a hardware or software issue. As we explained the hardware parts can be improved by increasing the Ram size, changing hard drive to SSD or in some cases with replacing the CPU and cleaning the fan and replacing the thermal component may help as well. Of course upgrading your hardware can get a bit pricy depending on how fast you want your computer to go.
Ideally the best thing to do is buy a computer that has good specifications, and to then maintain the software during use. It is important to manage your hard disk space, keep your registry clean, remove temporary files, defragment the hard drive, clean up your cookies, and cleaning your start ups section can be done on regular bases to unsure your computer runs at its fullest potential.

If your system is running slow, you can easily bring it down to SmartFix to get your laptop diagnosed; our tune up service is designed to bring back the maximum performance of your laptop. We will make sure your laptop is fixed and you will have an enjoyable time surfing the net.

Be sure to visit one of our two locations in Las Vegas area. We have a store in Summerlin 8221 W Charleston #107 89117 and another close to strip and fashion show on 3355 Spring Mountain rd #9 89102. You can always call 702-979-9400 or 702-875-4050 for more info. We serve all las vegas areas on Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and SouthWest Las Vegas.

DC jack replacement on a laptop

Monday, February 11th, 2013

One of the most common problem areas for laptops in Las Vegas is the DC Jack, usually due to the construction on laptops. Most of the time we face either face physically broken DC Jacks, or issues with using the wrong power sources which can destory the Jack and potentially the motherboard of the computer. Symptoms for a broken jack are the following: laptop is not turning on, you have to keep the charging cable at a special angle to keep it charging, the DC Jack is completely broken, or it shifts inside the case.

The reasons for a broken DC Jack may vary, but our technicians at SmartFix are trained to deal with this issue.
We’ve seen and repaired broken DC jack on HP Laptops, Gateway laptop, Sony Laptops, Dell Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, Compaq Laptops, and IBM Laptops.

One common reason for the DC Jack to break is poor construction. DC jacks are typically soldered directly on the motherboard, if the owner moves the Laptop around while charging, it can damage the connection between the cable and the DC Jack.

We recommend keeping your computer on a solid surface when charing your laptop, and stop from moving the laptop it around when the charger is connected. Always be gentle with the way you plug in the power cable to the laptop.

Usually replacing the DC Jack takes a few hour depending on the type of the laptop and accessibility of that certain DC jack. We at Smart FIX have common DC jack parts in stock and usually take a day to service or replace the DC jack on your Laptop. However if we do not have it in stock we can always order the part and perform the service as soon as we receive the part.

We recommend stopping by SmartFix either in the Las Vegas area near the strip (3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9) or our Summerlin location (8221 W Charleston), where one of our technicians can diagnose your problem and provide you with info regarding the issue. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 702-875-4050 and talk to one of our Technicians.

Malware, Virus, Spyware Removal in Las Vegas

Friday, February 8th, 2013

A common misconception when talking about computer problems is the use of the words Malware and Virus. Malware is the general term when talking about any program that can damage your computer such as viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware. A virus on the other hand is a type of malware which copies itself onto your PC, and then spreads to other computers that are connected.  In Las Vegas, Smart Fix specializes in removing viruses.

Malware is a program that installs on a users computer system usually without your knowledge of the occurance. They can infect your computer in many ways, usually through popup messages from internet browser, emails, or contaminated removable storage devices ie. USBs, External Hard Drives. Commonly they can come through, a number of file forms. The most notable forms are EXE, COM, or BAT files. More advanced viruses can start out as a  PDF, JPG, or PPS file, but later change to an EXE, COM or BAT file when the file is downloaded onto your computer. The main issue with malware is that they use a large amount of your computers resources such as hard drive space, bandwidth, and RAM and often take information that that is located on your computer and transfer it to another location through spyware.

Viruses use different aproaches to disguise themselves from users the most common are Trojans, backdoor viruses, and rootkits:


A Trojan is a malicious software in hiding. Their main objective is to get the user to think that the software is safe to use, by hiding it in a program. Trojans entice users to click on them by pretending to be other software such as a virus removal software, or popup. Trojans can be even bundled with software that is not malicious at all. Once a Trojan is clicked on it can run its course infecting the hardware on your computer.

Backdoor viruses

A Backdoor virus attempts to bypass the way your computer authenticates your programs. Backdoors create an entry way for malicious software to attack your computer. They open the flood gates, by allowing easy entry and installation for viruses and malware. With backdoor viruses hackers maybe able to control your computer remotely and steal your valuable information.


After a virus is installed to your computer they often install a rootkit which alters the computers host files to conceal the virus from the user. This makes it more difficult for users recognize whether their computer system has been compromised by malicious software.

How to Prevent Viruses

A reliable anti viruses software can help in the prevention of malware infection on your system. With anti-virus software it is imperative that you keep the software up to date so that you can have protection against the latest viruses. Also it is important to do periodical system scans to see if any viruses have fallen through the cracks of your anti-virus system. We usually recommend to perform one scan a week, and to always scan removable storage devices. We also recommend keeping your system firewall on. Visit our Las Vegas location for help with software installation.

It is also very important to back-up data at all times. So in the case that your system gets so badly infected that your system has to be restored, you will have all the files that you need on your external storage device.

Please note that it is important to prevent downloading unknown or unwanted files and to stay away from websites that look suspicious. You can prevent malware by simply becoming aware of what is being downloaded on your computer.

Warning Signs of Malware Infection

If your system seems to be running slower than normal, your programs are crashing unexpectedly, or your are recieving popups  when surfing the web your computer could have a computer virus.

Here we at Smart Fix in Las Vegas are familiar with all type of Malware and we remove any infected files to make your system healthy again. Feel free to stop by at one of our locations to get a FREE diagnoses of your system.  If your system is infected we can completely clean and remove all viruses, malwares and spyware.

iPhone Proximity Sensor Repair

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

iPhone Proximity Sensor Repair/Replacement Prices

Repair Time: 40 minutes – We only use original Apple proximity sensors as replacements.
  • iPhone 4S Proximity Sensor: $75
  • iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor: $75
  • iPhone 3G & 3GS Proximity Sensor: $45

“My iPhone 4 screen display doesn’t turn off when I put it to my ear” is a statement we often hear from our customers. The problem is a very known issue that usually occurs after a customer tries to replace the iPhone 4 screen on their own. Usually with low quality screens that have been saturating the market. We at SmartFix have the tools and the knowledge to repair this issue. In some cases the problem could also come from a hard hit on the iPhone’s screen.

The proximity sensor is responsible for having the lcd screen turn on and turn off when the iPhone is moved close to your head. This sensor is located inside the phone and not on the screen, it’s attached to a flex cable. Sometimes this requires a special adjustment or sometimes a replacement of the part. Proximity sensor repair time is approximately 40 minutes. We only use original Apple proximity sensors when replacing a broken one.



How To Fix iPad 2?

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

iPad @ Repair Service In Las Vegas

iPad 2 Repair 

SmartFix provides expert repair services since 2008, specializing in iPad repair, iPod repair and iPhone Repair. All of our specialists are qualified and with experience of over a decade repairing a variety of Apple products, we use only OEM parts with the highest quality materials professional equipment and the most important quality service without compromise, while ensuring the international standards off all apple products.

What can be fixed in iPad 2?

  • iPad 2 Touch Screen Replacement

The iPad 2 Touch Display Screen is significantly thinner than the previous device, what making it more fragile, and it also called digitizer. So if you broke the glass on your iPad 2 and need it to be replaced be sure we can do it.


  • iPad 2 Display LCD Replacement

The bottom screen layer that provides the display itself and it can be replaced as an independent unit. So if the image on your ipad 2 doesn’t show at all or you have a white screen or dead pixels it looks like you need to replace your LCD.

  • iPad 2 Battery Replacement

The IPad 2 contains batteries that take up most of the space of the device, often break down due to not original charger use or water damage.

  • Repair audio problems on the iPad 2

From time to time moisture or hard drop on the floor or not taking out your headphones out properly might cause your speakers or audio jack not work.


  • Replacement and repair buttons on the iPad 2

Home button, power button, volume button or vibration button may break or stop functioning and they can be replaced.


  • How long the device remains in the Lab repairs?

Most of the iPad 2 repairs are made within an hour and a half to two hours (except for water damage, corrosion or complex problems that require advanced diagnostics, in case of water damage and corrosion you should bring your device as soon as possible, do not turn it on and do not try to connect it to electricity.


  • Replace Rear back on iPad 2

The aluminum housing of the device may potentially bend from a fall, and it can be replaced to maintain the price of the iPad and preserve its appearance.

  • Are the iPad 2 replacement parts available in stock?

Most of the parts are in stock and available for immediate repair.

  • What is your Warranty on all repairs?

Any repair gets a warranty on parts replacement for 90 days.


  • How can you protect the iPad better?

To prevent malfunctions on your device like broken glass and digitizer, motherboard shortcuts, cracks, etc. you should keep the iPad in a protective case with a good quality screen protector. As well it’s desirable to discharge once a month the battery completely to maintain the full capacity of the battery and to use only with Original Apple chargers that contains circuit protection voltage.


  • How to contact us?

We have 2 Locations in Las Vegas and we open 7 days a week  mon – sat 09am – 7pm and sundays from 10am – 06pm. No appointment needed and you can visit us at:

3355 Spring Mountain Rd #9, Las Vegas, NV, 89102 (702) 875-4050

8221 W. Charleston Blvd. #107, Las Vegas, NV, 89117 (702) 979-9400

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What happens if you break your iPhone in Las Vegas?

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

You probably never thought that your vacation in Las Vegas going to turn to a nightmare after a wild night in Vegas. You probably waked up in the morning and found out that the stripper that danced on you spilled your drink over your phone, but the funny part is that you probably even didn’t care and just continued to the next night club in Vegas and couldn’t realize that when you opened the taxi door you dropped your iPhone on the floor and the screen got shattered.
So let’s get back to the morning part, you probably asking yourself, how can I fix my iPhone? Where do I fix my iPhone in Las Vegas? And the most important question, is my iPhone fixable?
Well Smart Fix got you covered. Our 2 convenient located locations in Las Vegas open 7 days a week and we provide all iPhone, Android, iPad and Laptop Repair Services. Our store is located 5 min from the strip and we even have a pick up and drop off delivery service to the Las Vegas Strip Hotels.
So it doesn’t matter if your phone got water damaged or a broken glass or LCD Smart FIX can repair almost any problem on your phone, so you can call this cute girl that you meet the night before.
And don’t forget that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” including your iPhone Broken Screen…

If you dropped your iPhone 4S in Water, click here to see the prices for this service.

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Low iPhone 5 sales for Apple

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Apple Drops to 11-Month Low on Reports of IPhone Cutbacks


Apple Inc.(AAPL) declined to the lowest price in 11 months after the Nikkei newswire reported that production of the iPhone was cut on weak demand.
Apple ordered about half the 65 million iPhone 5 displays it originally targeted for this quarter, Nikkei said, citing an unnamed executive at a component maker. Manufacturing curbs have been widely known since December, according to Steven Milunovich and Mark Moskowitz, analysts at UBS AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co., respectively.
Last month, Apple cut production by about 30 percent, which may be the result of inventory rebalancing or lower consumer demand, Milunovich wrote in a research report today. Order cuts may also be due to suppliers becoming more adept at building the latest iPhone, reducing the need for Apple to order excess parts, Moskowitz wrote in a note to clients today.
“The bigger message related to any potential order cuts could be that iPhone 5 manufacturing yields and thereby gross margin are on the rebound,” Moskowitz said. He said that his projection for 25 million iPhone 5 units to be sold in the quarters ending in December and in March will be exceeded under the scenario Nikkei reported.
The stock fell 3.6 percent to $501.75 in New York, the lowest closing price since Feb. 15. Apple extended its decline to 28 percent since hitting a record high in September.
Bethan Lloyd, a spokeswoman for Apple in the U.K., didn’t return calls seeking comment. Among Apple suppliers in Asia, representatives from Sharp Corp., Japan Display Inc. and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. declined to comment.
‘Old News’
“Order cuts appear to be old news,” Milunovich wrote. He said he reduced his iPhone sales estimates in December after checks with suppliers indicated a reduction in the number of phones being made.
IPhone sales could be slowing because smartphones are already common in developed markets, where Apple is strongest, said James Cordwell, an analyst at Atlantic Equities Service in London.
“We’re getting close to saturation,” said Cordwell, who rates Apple shares “overweight” and doesn’t own any. “The real growth is going to come from emerging markets, and Apple’s share in emerging markets is much lower than it is in other markets at the moment due to such high prices.”
Apple is also facing increasing competition from manufacturers using Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android software, including Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) Android phones are gaining users in emerging markets because they are cheaper than the iPhone.
Increased Competition
Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, is trading at its highest level in almost a year amid signs that demand for the iPhone may be waning.
RIM’s stock rose 10 percent to $14.95, following a 14 percent gain on Jan. 11. Shares of the Waterloo, Ontario-based company have gained 26 percent this year.
“The iPhone is no longer unique, fashion fatigue will transpire and the rich price premium will be impossible to sustain,” Per Lindberg, an analyst at ABG Sundal Collier in London, wrote in a research report today.
First-quarter iPhone shipments may decline 25 percent from the previous period, Peter Yu, an analyst at BNP Paribas, said today in a note. Analysts’ average second-quarter revenue estimate for Apple may drop by about $4 billion to $5 billion and the earnings-per-share projection may decline by $1 to $1.50, Abhey Lamba, an analyst at Mizuho Securities USA, said in a report.
The iPhone may be facing supply chain constraints as Apple shortens its product cycle to introduce new models more frequently, Walter Piecyk, an analyst at BTIG LLC, said in an interview.
“It takes a manufacturer time to do it efficiently,” he said. “An iPhone sold in the March quarter is more profitable than an iPhone sold in the December quarter.”

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 / 5S

2013 New Year Bug in the operating system of iOS 6

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Bug in the operating system iOS 6 left the feature “Do not disturb” active on the morning of Jan. 1, 2013 and silenced calls.

Users of version 6 operating system iOS, which runs on iPhones, iPads and iPods of Apple found that feature “Do Not Disturb” takes extraordinary liberties on the morning of January 1, 2013.

The Feature that was launched on the latest version of the operating system, allows you to set a schedule on which the device calls will not be accepted. So, instead of moving it manually every night to quiet mode, for example the user can set the hours  between midnight to seven in the morning and the alarm is silenced, . Whoever did this style operation revealed this morning that the phone does not come from the Do Not Disturb and continues to silence, as if still in the middle of the night. Only when canceling the use of the feature or move the date to January 2 the device lock is released.

The bug does not hit all the iOS devices around the world, it is still unclear how many devices it hit and why. “I’m in Japan, 2013 has started here and I see the iPhone 4 and my iPad 2 show the status of” Do not disturb “even though it has time limit I set in to interfere,” said a user on Mac Rumors.

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The Feature That took independence

iPhone IOS

Smart FIX – Best iPhone Repair Service In Las Vegas

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Smart FIX – Best iPhone Repair Service In Las Vegas

The SmartFIX Repair Shop is more than iPhone Repair and screen replacements in Las Vegas. Our mission statement involves spreading our knowledge and expertise to all of our customers, our website visitors and our Facebook page.


• Is it Possible to Repair iPhone?

The first thing SMART FIX had to do when it entered the iPhone Repair Business in Las Vegas was to educate customers that indeed iPhone can be fixed.

• iPhone Troubleshooting
Do you have issue with your iPhone? Don’t know how to solve the problem? Take a quick look at our troubleshooting guide. Here we lay out the most common problems experienced with iDevices, including simple solutions that in some cases you can fix it yourself at home.

• Easily Fix Your Broken iPhone Glass
We understand that when you break your touchscreen you have many questions. Where do I go to fix it? Who does the best work? Who’s the most reputable repair shop in Las Vegas, Nevada?
As you probably noticed there are many iPhone Repair stores in Las Vegas but there only few that really stand behind there work and use iPhone OEM replacement parts with warranty. Smart Fix is one of those places we have 2 locations in Las Vegas and we serve the whole Spring Valley area from Henderson NV to Summerlin. You can also try the local Apple Store but the price difference may very.

• Importance of cracked glass replacement
Replacing your damaged, broken, or cracked glass on your iPhone is extremely important… more important than you think. Although it still working, there are many issues that may occur from avoiding the replacement, like damaging your LCD, iPhone mother board (logic board) or iPhone flex cables to even hurting yourself while trying to operate a broken glass iPhone with your bare hands.

• How To Protect Your iPhone Screen
There are many ways to protect your iPhone Screen, our most popular solutions is to apply a screen protector to the front iPhone Glass and the back iPhone Glass as both of them very fragile and by doing that the chances of your glass getting brake again is dropping to 80%. we also recommend to use some heavy duty case like a Otter Box or Diffender cases. they been proved as highly protective from braking your iPhone Glass.

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Smart Fix
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Interesting statistics about iPhone Repairs

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012
iPhone Repair Statistics

iPhone Repair Store Las Vegas Statistics and interesting Facts