Things You Can Do With Unlocked Android

18 - 2012

Unlike other operating systems, Android was designed so that it will be running an “open” particularly friendly for software for developers, even without breaching the device can perform a variety of functions operating systems competitors like iOS or Windows phones not allow as install applications from an external source, replace the mirror of the interface and use third-party applications as default applications where the operating system applications, so what things can you do with just using a Root?


1.  Replace the operating system

Before widget, one of the benefits of a device administrator privileges is possible to replace a version of the operating system (also called “Rom”) that came with the device manufacturer custom version developed – by the private key. Versions of rum such usually based on latest version of Android and includes improvements introduced private key, for example rum CyanogenMod offers a similar experience to the version clean of Android but includes improvements like the ability to change the theme, MIUI is a ROM with a clean and elegant which is spring combination Android design capabilities of iOS. You can find a variety of Rom XDA Developers forum.

2. Back Up everything 

Before replacing the versions of the operating system, you should consider to backup all the existing information on the device, the most important widget before the versions exchange is Titanium Backup which is a tool for advanced backup all data stored on the device. Using the widget can save and restore backups of local memory, memory card or even cloud storage services because it interfaces with multiple drives like Google Drive online or Drop-box.

3. Turn the machine on autopilot

To make Android  smart phone even smarter, you should equip it in Tasker, ingenious widget that allows to make fully automated routine operations, Ldgoma: When connecting the device to turn on the car charger Bluetooth and run the navigation software when the device battery power is low download the processor speed and switch to a data connection generation – two.

Since the applet allows many accommodation options range scenarios is a learning curve. Most of the applet can be performed even without administrator privileges, but more advanced as controlling the speed of the processor make use higher privileges

4. Control the speed of the processor

Performance and battery life are important for a smart phone, the widgets SetCPU and AnTuTu CPU Master, allow to improve the metrics lent by controlling the speed of the processor. Unlike Tasker application only control CPU speed scoliosis taught that their much smaller.

Widgets allow to create “profiles” which will be determined in accordance with the processor speed, and battery cases that have weak or device screen is off you can download on the processor speed – to gain as much battery is expensive. In addition, you can also Lhmhir (Overclock) the processor speed on – to achieve better performance, but the increase in the processor speed Beith-Togarmah warming of the device and empty the battery faster.

5. Get rid of ads

Sometimes advertisements can be a real nuisance, but with devices with admin get rid of ads using widget AdFree, which, like the software Ad Blocker PC, allows to remove the ads from the widget or browser. The applet also contains updated list of advertising services which refreshed weekly level.

It is important to note that we oppose the use of this widget as developers providing free widgets rely on earnings comes from advertising in their applet to continue to support the developers without having to watch commercials should check whether there is a paid version of the applet, which does not contain ads.

6. Bypass the blockage of sharing the network connection

Earlier this year they decided to charge additional Partner for Web sharing capability and operates blocked customers who refused to pay the “extension service” the ability to use your smartphone as a wireless access. Since the result of pressure runs back its decision but some other cellular operators worldwide that restrict or block the possibility of shared Internet.

Developers also fighting this phenomenon and Google Fly Shop can be found in a wide variety of widgets that allow to share the internet connection, despite the limitations of mobile operators. Some do not even require administrator privileges but require connection of the device to the computer via cable, those that enable internet sharing wirelessly use administrator permissions.

7. Record the screen

Version 4 of Android, you can capture screen shots from the operating system easily, but there is no built-in solution that allows capture and video. Devices with administrator privileges as possible by using the Widgets Screencast Video Recorder or Z-PRO Screen Recorder and Video Capture operating system easily and save the videos on the memory device.

8. Play with Playstation remote

As of Android version 3.1 includes support such as remote control controls the PlayStation 3′s SixAxis, but only over a wired connection. For – to play in al – wired should come with an administrator and the applet Sixaxis Controller allows pin (Pair) for the remote device wirelessly on – by using Bluetooth. The linkage of the remote with the device operation is not complicated, just follow the steps on the key.

9. Control device in a completely new way

By GMD GestureControl applet can make a variety of gestures spring shortcuts for common tasks, so if we write the letter B on the screen to open the browser or a skid of four fingers right back screen back. Applet than customize a wide variety of gestures so you can perform common tasks quickly.



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