What is the best prepaid plan in the US 2014?

20 - 2013


In the age of communication it’s easy to get lost in all the wireless prepaid plans that being offered these days. Many wireless providers trying to offer more options lately with very comparative prices on all kind of plans and starting to shift out from the traditional 2 years contracts.
Verizon wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile is not necessarily are the best choices in the wireless business. Today many small companies such as,  H2O Wireless, Spot Mobile, Red Pocket, Ultra Mobile, Boost, Net 10 wireless, Page plus, Simple mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket and many more are trying to take a position in the wireless market.

Which phone can I use on prepaid plans?

In most cases you will have to use a GSM unlocked phone, if you have a phone from AT&T or T-Mobile you can easily use this type of phones on most of the networks. Phones that come from carriers like Sprint and Verizon are not compatible with GSM networks and you will need to get an unlocked GSM phone instead.
Can I use a smartphone on prepaid network?
Yes you can, most networks providing unlimited talk and text plans with data connections. The only downside to the data plans that offered on prepaid plans is that they are still not compatible with LTE high speed internet connection and you will get in most cases the 4G or 3G speeds. Many people are willing compromise on speed for affordability and the fact that they are not obligated in a 2 years contract and a credit check is not required.
Many people use their iPhone, Android or windows phones on prepaid networks every day. The only thing you will need to do is to setup the data settings and the MMS settings to receive picture messages for each phone individually, after it’s done you can start using your phone.

Which Plan Should I Get?

Here at Smart Fix we offer all prepaid plans available today in the United States. In recent months we are strongly recommend our customers to go with the Spot Mobile wireless provider as the plan value and the service you get is the most efficient in today’s market.
Plans available on spot mobile (as of Nov 2013):
$24.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, No Data
$29.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 250mb Data
*Most Popular $39.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 1GB Data 4G
$49.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 2GB Data 4G
$59.99 – Unlimited Text, Unlimited Talk, 3GB Data 4G, Unlimited International Calling

Spot Mobile Coverage Map:

Our recommendation is based on the fact that Spot Mobile is working on T-Mobile antenna towers and it will give you the same coverage in all United States as a regular T-mobile customers without paying anything extra and will get the same customer service without a contract.


Can I Port my number?

Yes you can, any spot mobile dealer can port your number from any other network, please make sure that you do not turn off your service before switching the provider.

Where do I sign up and pay my bill?

If you located in Las Vegas, Smart Fix has 3 convenient retail locations to start you with a new pre-paid plan. Visit our store for new activation, to port your old number or just pay your bill, you can also pay your bill online at any time.
For more detail on this plan fill free to call us at: 702-875-4050